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  • The End of the Lower East Side’s Last Great Rehearsal Space

    Much of Manhattan is a secret city, and few secrets are better than this: Below venerable dive Max Fish, behind grated steel doors that often vibrate with noise, is an old brick-walled basement room, pipes snaking overhead, a sweet smell of subterranean sweat mixed with old beer and cigarettes hanging in the air. Contained within: […]

  • Liquid Liquid Haven’t Lost Their Edge

    When Liquid Liquid take the stage at Madison Square Garden April 2 as the opening act for LCD Soundsystem’s last show, they will, at some point in their set, launch into a tune featuring the Most Famous Two-Note Bassline Ever. Whereupon some percentage of the crowd will bob their heads and think it’s really cool […]


    Though we may have said good-bye to the city’s last large-scale record store when the Virgin Megastore shuttered last summer, dozens of indie record shops continue to soldier on, somehow. To bring attention (and some much-needed revenue) to these survivors across the country, two years ago Metallica kicked off the inaugural Record Store Day at […]

  • ‘The Wurst BBQ’

    Roy Dank, a/k/a My Cousin Roy, brings all the syncopation, cowbells, and horns of his Wurst Music label to a summer’s afternoon. Fittingly, that sound’s progenitor, Sal Principato of Liquid Liquid, hosts it. Smooth disco-tech will come from Brennan Green’s decks. Tanlines bustles out a live calypso-electro set, while the eight-member Phenomenal Handclap Band transmutes […]

  • ESG

    The South Bronx Scroggins sisters tore up the ’80s NYC nightclub scene with their minimal funk. In an ideal world, they’d be able to live off royalties, but they put it best with one of their single titles: “Sample Credits Don’t Pay Our Bills.” After reforming in the early 90’s, they’re now on their second […]

  • Live: Liquid Liquid at Santos Party House

    Last night’s Liquid Liquid show was scheduled to happen twice—”The band and DJs will ebb and flow together whenever LL damn well feels like it, apparently,” was the not-so-reassuring dual set-time explanation. But at the end of the day, bands tend to act like bands, not waterfalls or lava lamps. “We want to get to […]

  • Listings – 8/24/2004

    The city is so vast that many musical legends sleep among us. Sal Principato, of Liquid Liquid fame, comes out of hiding to bless the decks at Roy Dank and Brennan Green’s monthly jam Pop Your Funk. Free rum from 10 to 11, plus the man who helped create the “Cavern” LP spins golden, delicious […]

  • Dancing (Naked) in the Dark

    Something strange happened to New York City last week. Yes, the power went out for 29 hours, but something else happened. The city’s nightlife, though bereft of electricity, became fun. Like any night in the city, Thursday was to be the day of a billion events: DJs were supposed to spin, bands were to play. […]