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  • Diablo Cody on Paradise, Christianity, and Peeing Twenty-Seven Times in One Day

    ‘I don’t get asked questions about stripping anymore—which is a relief,” beams Diablo Cody. Understandably. Cody spent one year on the pole, and a whole lot longer on her knees at a Roman Catholic school, where the priests had old-world accents and made young Diablo attend mass before class every morning at 8:10, and then […]

  • Part of Me Reveals Katy Perry’s Essential Katy Perry-ness

    From bubblegum-bi-curious novelty “I Kissed a Girl” on, Katy Perry has built a career on glorious brain-dead-with-a-wink odes to playacting in a fantasy space of total acceptance and no consequences, sold to children with literal sugarcoating. Her hits are powerful stuff, coming from an artist who was raised by Pentecostal preachers who declared most contemporary […]

  • Dumb Arthur Rethink Makes Us Miss Dudley and Liza

    In this rethink of the 1981 screwball throwback, the titular drunken heir, originally played by lovable lump Dudley Moore, has been rebuilt to suit slinky British sleaze-comedian Russell Brand, whose constant nattering rarely transcends throat-clearing improv. The film apparently takes place in the present day (cue recession reference), although no one seems to have heard […]

  • Formula Works in Get Him to the Greek

    There are myriad moments during Get Him to the Greek—the roller-coaster spin-off of Forgetting Sarah Marshall—when it feels as if the thing will jump the rails and smash to the ground in a thousand pieces of what-in-the-fuck. It’s a complete and utter mess from the big-loud-dumb start to the awwww-that’s-so-sweet finish. It’s hardly a narrative […]

  • Comedy’s Got A Brand New Bag

    Smokey Robinson cemented Motown genius when he wrote of “the tears of a clown, when there’s no one around.” Alas, I haven’t gotten my keen hands on U.K. comic comer Russell Brand’s My Booky Wook, but it’s clear his quasi-DeQuincey-meets-Dickens autobiography seconds Smokey’s emotions. This season’s supreme trickster possesses boundless ambition and puts a meta-rockist […]

  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall’s Sad Sack Extraordinaire

    Jason Segel is responsible for two of the most cringe-inducing, hands-in-front-of-your-face moments in the recent history of television, both of which occurred during the sole season of NBC’s Freaks and Geeks. On the episode “I’m With the Band,” Segel’s bright-eyed burnout Nick imagined himself an arena-sized drummer behind his basement-bound 29-piece kit, where, clad in […]