Tag: Runnin’ Scared

  • Coffee Clash

    Parked just outside a subway stop on Astor Place, the Mud Truck draws a constant line of coffee addicts in a city already choked with java joints (a second vehicle dispenses beverages at Seventh Avenue South and West 4th Street). The orange-colored, hippie-garb-festooned truck that dispenses “gourmet” caffeine is forever busy, even though it’s hemmed […]

  • The Gropes of Wrath

    For black men, being stopped and frisked by the police is a rite of passage. But I’ve never been touched by a cop. I’m a virgin. Knowing this, I play a risky game of tease by trying not to look safe. Instead of a corporate fade cut, four-foot-long dreads flap around me. Yet somehow I’ve […]

  • Lip Service

    Four winters ago, Sam Kopicko, a 27-year-old who spends her day publicizing book titles at Random House, met Njoki Gitahi, 23, a bright-eyed beauty originally from Kenya who manages the American Museum of Natural History’s rock collection, and the two quickly became friends, bonding over their mutual obsession with, of all things, lip balm. Over […]

  • Roman Holiday

    With just two months to go in his job as the state’s economic development czar, Charles Gargano hopped on an Alitalia Airlines flight last October 20 and flew to Rome. His ticket included an open return, from Rome’s Da Vinci airport to JFK. The cost, $3,579, was billed to Gargano’s state-supplied corporate American Express card. […]

  • Big-Mouth Blockhead Busted

    No one likes opening the door at 6:40 a.m. and finding three federal agents on the stoop with an arrest warrant. But even veteran tough guys accustomed to such unexpected breakfast meetings will tell you: Don’t aggravate the situation. Especially not the way a carpenters union shop steward named Michael “Mickey” Annucci did last September […]

  • Bait and See

    Ward Regan lived in 61A. In 1999, Greg Abbey moved into 66A. Abbey was depressed. Regan didn’t notice. Abbey wanted to be alone. Regan didn’t care. Abbey tried to avoid Regan. Regan, a big fan of Seinfeld, adopted Kramer-esque tendencies and showed up uninvited to Abbey’s apartment in boxer shorts to watch his cable TV. […]

  • Cop Killers

    Over the past two weeks, as a Queens grand jury wrestled with whether to indict the five cops who fired 50 shots into Sean Bell’s car, two very opposing forces were at work. On the one hand, grand juries are known to be so obsequious to prosecutors, they will, as the saying goes, indict a […]