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  • What’s Happening This Weekend: K2 Lounge, Mystery IPA Contest, Beer and Cassoulet, Fried Chicken Feast

    It’s almost the weekend, and if you’ve been stuck inside around a space heater all week, it’s time to get out — warm winter foods are in season, and plenty of dark drinks will brighten your day. Here are a few enticing activities to lure you out of the house. K2 Lounge, Rubin Museum of […]

  • Kristin Hersh

    As part of the Rubin Museum’s “Naked Soul” series—designed to allow fans to “hear artists as they really sound”—alt-rock icon Kristin Hersh will perform an all-acoustic set of her particular brand of mind-bending (and occasionally sanity-challenging) rock. It’s a notable show in part because the sometime Throwing Muses and 50 Foot Wave musician since she […]


    U.S. Memory Champion Nelson Dellis can memorize 303 random numbers in five minutes and repeat them back in the exact order they were given. He can also memorize a randomly shuffled deck of cards in 34 seconds, and up to 86 names in five minutes. If you think that’s crazy, get this: Dellis claims that […]


    On Billy Corgan’s new touchy-feely spiritual blog, Everything From Here to There, a recent post titled “Who Am I to Love Myself So Much??” (we’re not making this up) reads: “I need love, and yet, I deny it to myself. I wonder where this idea came from?” Oh, Billy, you’re so complicated. Tonight, he may […]


    No longer the Angry Young Man of his ’70s New Wave origins—though he disdained the term then, no matter how well he stacked against Elvis Costello—Graham Parker has redoubled his ambition since his days with his pub-rockin’ outfit the Rumour. Thirty years after the band’s contentious, stark landmark album Squeezing Out Sparks, he records (and […]