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  • ‘Trombone For Lovers’

    An emotionally savvy trombone experimentalist with a huge capacity for capital-F fun, Roswell Rudd has inspired countless similarly boundary-free players. Fans and peers including John Medeski, Steven Bernstein, Bob Dorough, Gary Lucas, Fay Victor, Michael Doucet, and the NYC Labor Chorus will give it up for Rudd at this 78th birthday tribute and benefit to […]


    It’s best not to starve yourself before a rich repast—nibbling a bit helps the body gear up for the onslaught. With the Vision Fest and Carefusion bashes on the jazz horizon, the Undead Festival is the wise way to prime your palette. It’s basically a twin of the celebrated Winter Jazzfest: three Village venues become […]

  • Jazz Consumer Guide: Adapt, Improvise, Party

    Digital Primitives Hum Crackle & Pop Hopscotch The singularly named Cooper-Moore has the real folk-jazz spirit, clowning on homemade instruments and singing one piece that starts politically obvious but comes to exemplify the freedom he espouses. Assif Tsahar (on tenor sax and bass clarinet) and Chad Taylor (on all things percussive) adapt their free jazz, […]

  • BeauSoleil

    Fiddler Michael Doucet and company have been touting the traditions and testing the limits of Cajun music for more than three decades. Turns out that the ace Lousiana dance band is also the state’s best listening band, too—which is fortunate, ’cause the Pub’s tables aren’t going anywhere. Tonight’s special guests include trombonist Roswell Rudd, who […]

  • Roswell Rudd+the Lafayette Harris Duo

    The museum’s Harlem in the Himalayas series continues with this promising pairing of Roswell Rudd, a ceaselessly experimental trombonist, and Lafayette Harris, a fine pianist with a knack for making himself at home nearly anywhere. In addition to a new piece inspired by the Rubin’s mind-bending collection of Himalayan art, the duo will perform Rudd […]

  • Back in the World

    For the good of his or her soul, every critic ought to perform at least one good deed. Mine entailed schlepping to a Catskills resort in 1991—braving poolside yoga classes and investment seminars, not to mention cocktail hour and the nightly floor show—in search of Roswell Rudd. Before going missing in the mid-’80s, Rudd was […]

  • Art Folk

    Picturing him as the only white guy on the bandstand in the 1960s after watching him at work in a show band in the Jewish Catskills, I once characterized trombonist Roswell Rudd as “the sort of unassuming fellow who gets along fine with everybody.” He has a way of fitting in musically as well, and […]

  • Monk Business: The Jazz Pianist Adds Some Swing to the Season

    Stick your head into any jazz club on any night and chances are good that be it lick, riff, or tune itself, someone will be referencing Monk. More than Miles, more than Duke, Monk remains central to the modern bandleader’s book—the go-to guy when things become too serious. Credit the insouciance of his melodies and […]

  • Music

    DIGGIN’ ‘BONES Trombonist formerly known as avant meets men from Mali Roswell Rudd’s Malicool With Mamadou Diabate St. Ann’s Warehouse February 13 “Kora and trombone: who knew?” So joked Roswell Rudd February 13 at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn, where he fronted his MaliCool band, an eight-piece ensemble of American and Malian musicians. Actually, Rudd […]

  • Knitting at Home

    The Knitting Factory’s former What Is Jazz? festival has resolved its identity crisis, the way the Borg on Star Trek do. As the Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival, it has assimilated every musical genre it can get its hands on and expanded its territorial reach to four cities—and in New York, from Central Park to Battery […]