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  • All That Glitzes Is Not Gold

    Elsewhere in our “One-Woman American Century” section we take a look at the life and work of Rosalyn Drexler, who has received accolades as an artist, a playwright, a novelist, and even as a professional wrestler. But Drexler (born in the Bronx, in 1926) has also worked as a journalist, and many of her articles, […]

  • A Bout with Rosalyn Drexler

    For our special “One-Woman American Century” section we look at the life of artist / novelist / playwright / professional wrestler / journalist Rosalyn Drexler. You can get a sense of the never-stop intensity of Drexler’s life and work from her answer to a question from the Voice’s always insightful art critic of the 1960s, […]

  • Beautiful Art in an Ugly Year

    The vibe throughout 2017 — white supremacists are “fine” people, the top 5 percent need tax cuts financed by the bottom 95 percent, Vladimir Putin is a great guy — has been pretty ugly. Pretty. Ugly. Those last two words sum up my personal highlight list for a brash and belligerent year. Let’s start with Fantagraphics’ […]

  • At 90 Years Old, Rosalyn Drexler Begins Again

    A one-woman American Century, Rosalyn Drexler contains multitudes: paintings, novels, plays, essays. She was born Rosalyn Bronznick, in the Bronx, in 1926, three years before the Roaring Twenties crashed into the Great Depression. It is staggering to consider even a minimal list of all that she has witnessed: Hopper, Pollock, Warhol; World War II, the […]

  • The Whitney Tries Sorting Through the ’60s With ‘Sinister Pop’

    An uneven survey of Pop art culled from the Whitney Museum’s permanent collection, “Sinister Pop” fittingly embodies the fractures of the 1960s: sex versus sexism, protest versus violence, politics versus demagoguery. Consider what we might term the “Tan-line School.” In a 1969 series of lithographs, Mel Ramos paired comely nudes with endangered bird species; like […]

  • Return of the Mexican Spitfire

    If you don’t know Rosalyn Drexler’s paintings, don’t beat yourself up—it’s taken much of the art world five decades to catch up with this 80-year-old painter, novelist, former lady wrestler (under the nom de grapple Rosa Carlo, the Mexican Spitfire), and multiple-Obie-award-winning playwright. It might help to meet Alicia Zorn and Effluvia Bouyant-Smith, two pioneering […]

  • What They Did for Love (and Money)

    “Once you’ve seen everything,” runs a lyric in the 1964 Rosalyn Drexler–Al Carmines musical Home Movies, “what is there to see?” The answer—delightfully, ruefully, grimly—is that you can start seeing it all over again, with newly matured eyes. It will look a little different, but it will also look refreshingly the same. “Everything being the […]

  • Family Structuralists

    One reason not to trust the pedantic jargon of “performance studies” departments: Look hard at the newest theatrical forms and you find, essentially, good old theater in updated clothing. Here’s Lisa Kron, a noted explorer in solo performance and collective creation. And here she is turning out, in Well, an absolutely traditional scripted play—delightfully scripted, […]