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  • Hunter Thompson on a Bat: Fear and Loathing in Mayfair

    The famed Gonzo journalist, Hunt­er Thompson, travels the world in search of stories. Currently he is sending dispatches back from South­east Asia to Rolling Stone. Wherever he is, though, Thompson is often more interesting than the story he’s covering. Jon Bradshaw, a British journalist and author of “Fast Company,” a book on gamblers, writes about […]

  • Politically Incorrect: Guns N’ Roses and Public Enemy Sound Off

    Busted Axl Forty-eight hours in the feeding-cycle of New York City. There were Uzis, Public Enemy re­grouping, and a clique of blond babes orbiting Axl Rose at the Cat Club. All of this connects. How was your week? Start the clock August 8, last Tuesday, when Public Enemy’s vox pop Chuck D faxed all over […]

  • Altamont, the Rolling Stones, and the Death of the Sixties Dream

    In the nearly fifty years since the Rolling Stones played a free outdoor concert at a racetrack in Alameda County, California, the word “Altamont” has become synonymous with the end of the 1960s, and the death of the hippie dream. On December 6, 1969, the Stones played for a crowd of over 300,000 people, with […]

  • Q&A With David Rees, Cartoonist and Pencil-Sharpener Extraordinaire

    David Rees is no stranger to paper. As a cartoonist for Rolling Stone and other publications, he won widespread acclaim (and criticism) for his politically charged “Get Your War On” strip, which visualized, in comic form, the intense spectrum emotions felt throughout the Bush years. He is also the self-proclaimed “hottest blogger on the planet.” […]

  • Roy Orbison’s Lost Rolling Stone Cover

    Don’t do a double take, folks. That really IS Roy Orbison on the cover of Rolling Stone–as interpreted by Out Professionals’ Twilla Duncan in a marvelous mockup. ] Duncan gave me the backstory: “My ‘nephew’ Christopher Casey, senior at NYU film, and two of his friends also in the film program, asked me to ‘create’ […]