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  • Music Artists Who, Like Roky Erickson, Have Struggled With Mental Illness

    It seemed something like a miracle back in 2005 when psychedelic-rock pioneer Roky Erickson — who plays Bell House in Brooklyn tonight — took the stage at the Austin, Texas eatery Threadgill’s, returning from decades of crippling mental illness and a hermit-like existence that had him pegged as America’s answer to Syd Barrett. See Also: […]


    Last year, Okkervil River frontman Will Sheff produced an acclaimed comeback album by psych-garage burn-out Roky Erickson, and the experience appears to have impacted Sheff’s stuff for the better: On the Austin group’s just-released I Am Very Far, Sheff and his bandmates adopt a newly ramshackle vibe that helps make his wordy folk-rock songs feel […]

  • Okkervil River+Titus Andronicus

    Credit where credit’s due: Okkervil River have stayed with their indie label for about a decade now, even as they’ve crawled up the food chain to make dents in the top 40 (albums, of course, not singles). Still, for anyone who’s been charmed by their woolly roots music, the sleeker, more polished sound of new […]

  • All Roky Erickson Needs Is Love

    It’s Record Store Day, and Roky Erickson has just finished signing autographs at Waterloo Records in his hometown of Austin, Texas. Now, he’s treating himself to ice cream—rocky road!—as his partner, Dana Morris, shows him a book of bumper-sticker photos she just bought. One is written upside-down. “If you can read this,” Erickson begins, reciting […]

  • ‘Brooklyn Psych Fest’

    Take Roky Erickson in pill form and a dram of diluted acid rock, throw in some stoned boogie woogie, and log a doctor’s name or a cab company in your phone for the morning, because there’s a psychedelic cataplasm draped over the side of the Williamsburg Bridge, and it’s dripping all over your face. Representing […]

  • Roky’s Inferno

    Fitting for a guy who spouts the supernatural, Roger Kynard Erickson sported a bright-red shirt for his first-ever East Coast show, held on Friday the 13th. As chilling as his songs are, they’re no match for the frightening real life of the Austin singer-guitarist, who’s second only to Dante in chronicling the lower depths. “You’re […]

  • Music

    A bad iPod ad helps Swedes who swing harder than the Hives finally move mass asses with a track that first hit big on Village Voice radio three years ago. A Voice teen-pop critic’s band burns the flag. And his onetime Samoan replacement Jeff Dahl covers Badfinger, gets epic like Peter Laughner, and unveils what […]