Tag: Robert Schwentke

  • A Nazi Deserter Turns Vicious Killer as “The Captain” Exposes the Madness of War

    Twenty-six years before the infamous Stanford prison experiment revealed how quickly figures of authority can collapse individuals’ moral framework, there was Willi Herold, a German World War II deserter who found a decorated captain’s uniform and transformed himself from hunted soldier to marauding punisher. Director Robert Schwentke explores Herold’s exploits in the final days of […]

  • Monsters Ink

    If it didn’t so obviously borrow from other epidermally obsessed movies, namely The Silence of the Lambs and Peter Greenaway’s The Pillow Book, the German thriller Tattoo might have qualified as a ghoulish curio spaced-out on its own skin lust. As it is, this plodding serial-killer procedural grafts hand-me-down malevolence onto a standard rookie-veteran police […]