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  • 1980-1989: The Squandered Decade

    Why My Kids Have a Right to Be Pissed Off I never thought very much about the future until 1980, when my wife and I decided to end our carefree years — ­afternoon naps, spontaneous dinners on the town, long Sunday mornings in bed with newspapers and classical mu­sic — and have a baby. In […]

  • Doc Poverty Inc. Fails to Inform or Guide

    Robert Reich must be appalled. Reich, an economist who’s served in the administrations of three presidents and an outspoken critic of the roles of governments and corporations in furthering economic inequality, is also one of the more prominent speakers in vitamin salesman and natural-medicine guru Gary Null’s movie Poverty Inc., which covers much of the […]

  • Continued Riches for the Rich and a Sobering Message for Everyone Else in Inequality for All

    The rich get richer, the poor get the picture, as noted U.S. policy experts Midnight Oil once said. And in America at the outset of the 21st century, the picture for those at the ass end of the wealth distribution spectrum is getting very bleak indeed. As we learn in Inequality for All, earnings for […]