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  • Free Will Astrology

    ARIES (March 21–April 19): Don’t take your time, Aries. Move double-fast and strategize from many angles, always thinking 10 steps ahead. Please don’t keep your hands clean, either. Play with the muck, and roll in the mud, and learn from the dirt. And don’t you dare be measured and balanced. Instead, be an intense and […]

  • Wordstock

    Really, they were gathering the gatherings. When New York nonprofits City Lore and Poets House decided to organize last weekend’s People’s Poetry Gathering, they gave it a name that already had two strong associations. Since ’85, the Cowboy Poetry Gathering has brought thousands to Elko, Nevada, to hear poems on the range. Since ’90, the […]

  • An Interview With Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky

    Evelyn McDonnell: What do you think of the idea of the People’s Poetry Gathering? Robert Pinsky: The emphasis on vocality appeals to me very much. Poetry is a bodily art for me, or it is nothing. How do you answer critics who charge that things like the People’s Poetry Gathering, and even your own Favorite […]