Tag: Rob Levine

  • Holiday Fear

    As a guilt-ridden ex-Catholic Italian American I’d always hoped to qualify for honorary Jew status. Alas, friend and writer Rob Levine, a/k/a Super Jew, says I’m not neurotic enough, to which I say, “Oy vey.” In an attempt to ratchet up honorary Jew points, I went to the Jewcy show last Sunday at Crobar. It […]

  • Real Genius

    We knew she was smart, but damn. Last Saturday night at Centro-Fly during her DJs R Not Rockstars party, Concetta Kirschner, a/k/a/ Princess Superstar, showed off a silver ring with a weird “M” logo and dared us to deduce what it was. Appraising her outfit—a form-fitting shiny black one-piece, gold belt, gold lamé boots with […]