Tag: Rob Brown

  • ‘Red Hook Jazz Festival’

    The first of two Sundays to hold this annual multi-artist presentation should provide a telling snapshot of the local jazz scene’s diversity. Clarence Penn’s hard swinging quartet, Rob Brown’s investigatory foursome, Fay Victor’s improv-slanted vocals, James Carney’s inspired nu-bop, and the hard-hitting bari and ‘bone front line of Willie Martinez & La Familia should tickle […]

  • William Parker+Rob Brown+Gerald Cleaver

    Call it a micro Vision Fest that’s welcoming the new year with an evening of duets and trios. Bassist William Parker’s earthy thump will inspire the dance movements of Patricia Nicholson. Gerald Cleaver’s mercurial percussion strategies will prompt the improvised vocals of Jean Carla Rodea. Cellist Daniel Levin will bob and weave with saxophonist Rob […]

  • Jazz Consumer Guide: Festival Visions

    Jazz Consumer Guide William Parker Double Sunrise Over Neptune AUM Fidelity A large group with freewheeling horns, a string quartet (plus bass), oud, guitar (or banjo), two drummers, and an operatic singer from India named Sageeta Bandyopadhyay. Remarkably, it all holds together, paced by a metronomic bassline that Parker subcontracts so he can work on […]

  • Autechre’s Quaristice

    It would be deathlessly simplistic to say that Autechre make dance music, like saying that Vivendi sells compact discs. While it’s true that the English duo’s sound is coincidentally rhythmic, it’d be more appropriate to hail them as the true Sound of the City. Just as 1995’s Tri Repetae perfectly and pristinely captured the paranoid […]

  • Gus Van Sant’s Conventional Wisdom

    As generic as a Christmas tree, Finding Forrester would be pretty disposable if it were not decorated with taste and tenderness by Gus Van Sant. Columbia Pictures’ entry for the holiday season, the film (which opens December 19) is a blatant retread of the Van Sant-directed Good Will Hunting, with Rob Brown, Sean Connery, and […]

  • Beat and Variation

    Autechre, the English duo of Sean Booth and Rob Brown, don’t so much write songs as program ecosystems. Within electronica, where everyone says Autechre have spawned a genre unto themselves, their clopped rhythm strings and clipped melody shards epitomize anti-dance intellectual purism. But it’s less odious to see them instead as ritualists who take their […]