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  • Conservatives Take Gay Couple’s Cake, Gripe They Can’t Eat It Too

    Happy Pride Month, everyone. If you’re LGBTQ et alia, rest assured that even though your rights remain under attack — as a recent Supreme Court decision showed — conservatives are still terrified of you, and have gotten no better at explaining why anyone else should be. The week kicked off with a finding for the […]

  • Cuntroversy: For Conservatives on Bee and Barr, Civility Is a One-Way Street

    Conservatives are generally childish about culture; they enjoy TV and movies and, to some extent, books but become enraged when they turn on cable or open a novel — or just read about them on a right-wing aggregation site — and find messages of which they do not approve. This is why, as others when […]

  • With Trump in Power, Conservatives More Pissy Than Patriotic on Memorial Day

    Traditionally conservatives like to consider themselves more patriotic and more simpatico with the military than liberals, so Memorial Day is usually a happy time for them. But the leadership of Donald Trump — a self-absorbed, unapologetic draft-dodger who clearly would not piss on a servicemember (or his grieving widow) if they were on fire — […]

  • Conservatives Cheer the Latest Right-Wing Supergroup, the Intellectual Dark Web

    The Age of Trump has conservative intellectuals in an embarrassing predicament: Trump has either turned conservatism into, or revealed conservatism to be, nothing but a gigantic grift, so who needs conservative intellectuals? When Republican tax cuts are such a brazen payoff to the super-rich that even tax-hating voters don’t believe it will ever trickle down, and […]

  • Why Conservatives Can Crush on Kanye Yet Hate Michelle Wolf

    Conservatives raging at a comedian who hurt their feelings, as they did over White House Correspondents’ Dinner entertainer Michelle Wolf last weekend, is pretty much standard behavior for the folks who think everyone else is the snowflake. But the spectacle of white right-wingers rejoicing over the recent pro-Trump ravings of Kanye West may confuse you, especially […]

  • Starbucks’ Bias Training Has Right Raging at the Real Racists

    As you have undoubtedly heard, a couple of black guys were asked to leave a Philadelphia Starbucks where they were waiting for a meeting and, when they failed to scoot, the manager had them arrested. Starbucks’ CEO was mortified and ordered a day of “racial-bias education” for all employees. While extremely few black people (or […]

  • Trump’s Syrian Dog-Wag Earns Only Light Applause From Right

    Last week, an increasingly bizarre series of scandals involving Trump’s guilt-suppurating lawyer, a porn star, payoffs, and Prague was followed by an airstrike in Syria; whether this was Trump’s pivot or his patriotic duty I leave to the reader’s judgment. Some conservatives followed their traditional pattern of cheering any Republican president’s acts of war no matter how […]

  • Conservatives: Quit Picking on Roseanne Just Because She Believes in Pizzagate

    You may have noticed that even mainstream liberals are starting to chafe at the painful duty of taking conservatives seriously. At the New York Times, for example, Michelle Goldberg recently wondered why we have “affirmative action for reactionaries” that elevates dumb wingnuts to major media posts, and New York magazine’s Jonathan Chait wrote in “The […]

  • Democrat Won in Pennsylvania by Acting Trumpian, Right Insists

    We are often told that the outrageous grifts and chaos of Trump’s Washington is “the new normal” (per John Podhoretz et al.) and “modern day presidential” (per Trump himself); that, as we were assured after 9-11, Everything Has Changed and we cannot hope to return to the old ways, so we had better, as Trump spokeswoman […]

  • California Screamin’: Conservatives Slam Golden State on Immigration

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions, heretofore content to mutter darkly about sanctuary cities on Fox News, last week announced he was bringing suit against California for its laws protecting unauthorized immigrants, attacking them as a form of “nullification” and “secession,” a strange insult coming from a proud states’ rights advocate and supporter of the Lost Cause’s last […]