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  • Punk ’77: Vom Is Busting Out All Over

    On the men’s room wall at the Whisky: “Vom eats your mom’s puss!” I wrote that. In the women’s room: “Vom is a good fuck.” I did not write that. Vom: the first band of my very own. Me: singin’ & dancin’ & writin’ tunes! Yeah! Story goes like this: Back in July or so […]

  • Rhythm Method

    We’ll soon find out what capacity my heart has for write-muscle shitwork,” sighs 58-year-old Richard Meltzer, pondering brain rot in his umpteenth collection of gonzo essays. Meltzer, an early rock critic, unmatched stylist, and sometime testosteroid, earned his cult and not much money reviewing albums by their covers, analyzing his bottle cap collection, and savaging […]

  • The Medieval Mob Squad

    Nick Tosches is your classic anti-intellectual intellectual: Like his rockcrit comrades Lester Bangs and Richard Meltzer, he’s a learned man who professes to value spirit and semen over “that glob of gross crenulated meat that we call mind.” As a music writer, Tosches celebrated Dionysian figures like Jerry Lee Lewis and Jim Morrison while scorning […]

  • Impolite Discourse

    To can the first-person taboo and proceed to the main event: Fuck yes I have a personal interest in the books that follow. Not just because all involve rock criticism and I am Der Dean (sorry, it just came out of my mouth on two A&M gin-and-tonics, 12-step here I come), but because in two […]

  • The Bird Is the Word

    There’s creation and there’s listening—one has eight letters and one has nine. —Richard Meltzer For what it’s worth, Richard Meltzer is the greatest rock critic so far, and over the years he’s developed an ability to write—to get the prose alive on the page—that probably surpasses Burroughs’s or Twain’s or Faulkner’s. But hey, maybe this […]