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  • Festival Frenzy

    New York still sits at the center of the dance universe, but financial concerns make self-production increasingly hard. Getting into festivals lets choreographers display their work with the imprimatur of a known producer who bears some of the expenses. The dance season opens September 6 with dueling festivals and climaxes with the calculated crowd-pleasers of […]

  • Art Therapy: Responding to 9-11 Through Poetry, Theater, and Hip-Hop

    From the children’s drawings that filled city firehouses to large-scale public-art projects like the “Tribute in Light,” art works have been so interwoven in the city’s response to the tragedy of September 11 that one might possibly take them for granted. This year, coinciding with the fourth anniversary of 9-11, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council […]

  • Old Smoothies and New Kinks

    It’s pleasing to learn that you’re watching Rennie Harris’s Legends of Hip-Hop in the same 42nd Street theater where, in 1923, Abie’s Irish Rose began its legendary 2,327-performance run. It’s also a wake-up call to remember that hip-hop has a history—not just its roots in black vernacular dancing from early in the last century, but […]

  • Breaking Down

    Rennie Harris has been testing the limits of hip-hop dancing since at least 1992, when he founded Puremovement. The Philadelphia choreographer helms one of the first hip-hop groups to tour the modern-dance circuit as a company, not a crew. In 2000, Rome & Jewels, his all-male adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, gave hip-hop its first […]

  • Listings

    WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 17   Dance HEADLONG DANCE THEATER Philly’s wry, Bessie-winning dance comedians, David Brick, Andrew Simonet, and Amy Smith, set their sights on MTV, cross-pollinating it with Dante’s Inferno. Britney’s Inferno deconstructs the choreography of celebrity culture and integrates local teenagers into the act. ZIMMER At 7, through Friday, and Saturday at 2 and […]

  • Light on the Subject

    From Bahia to Harlem, dance artists of African descent have made magic for generations. Various avatars brought diverse forms to town last month, giving the lie to complaints that dance can’t be political, does not protest, is a frivolous pastime in a difficult period. Retired now from her post at Lehman College in the Bronx, […]

  • Now and Later

    After snagging three Bessies in the wake of its 2001 Joyce run, Rennie Harris’s Rome & Jewels finally makes it to Brooklyn. A hip-hop retelling of the Shakespeare classic as filtered through the movie by Baz Luhrmann and the film of the Robbins-Bernstein-Sondheim musical West Side Story, it’s a brutal, funny, multimedia take on gang […]

  • Listen Up!

    The flamenco dancer duels with the floor. The Irish step dancer gives it an airy bit of slap and tickle. The tap dancer teases sounds out of it, playing the wood like a big instrument, listening to the way a light brush sounds after a no- nonsense assertion of heel-and-toe or a trail of fluttering […]