Tag: Remy Ma

  • Shooting Star

    Remy Ma—the new Remy, the one who’s ditched the two-tone hairdo that was her trademark so that she presents a more intelligent, grown-up image to the world—leaves a restaurant, and it’s immediately apparent that her new look isn’t working. “That’s Remy Ma!” a teenage girl says to her friend in disbelief. The friend responds with […]

  • Explorations in Mixtape Nation

    It gets me every time, and there’s barely any music to it. Mainly it’s a naked voice—mellow, soft-edged, playfully playground, flowing liquid over bass drum and down-low “Gold Digger” hook, which now signifies not “Ray Charles” but “classic Kanye you’re always happy to hear again (so far).” It’s a Q-Tip freestyle, and though it follows […]

  • Music

    Contrary to popular belief, the clubbing community isn’t always materialistic and shallow. To prove they care, some hip-hop talents are uniting for Relief and Recovery, a benefit to raise aid for the tsunami victims. Ticket sales from the show, headlined by Remy Ma, the singer featured on “Lean Back,” and M.O.P., all will go to […]