Tag: Rem Koolhaas

  • Affirmative Action

    After ads from Prada and Gucci, Content opens with a message from the government of the Netherlands welcoming the new member states to the European Union: “Say Yes to everything!” If free-floating Dutch starchitect Rem Koolhaas and his Office for Metropolitan Architecture have any operating principle at all, it is this policy of dogged exploration […]

  • Oh, Those New Urbanists

    Location Fort Greene Rent $1,700 (market) Square feet 750 (second floor, 19th-century brownstone) Occupants Georgeen Theodore and Tobias Armborst (architects/urban designers) A red glow comes from the brownstones at this time of night. Your stone steps are pink. Yes, I’d love to sit on the terrace. These drinking glasses, so wide and low! [Georgeen] They’re […]

  • Architectural Follies

    A mid-career survey of a living artist is one of the hardest things a museum can do. But that’s no excuse for doing it completely wrong, as the Whitney Museum has done with “SCANNING: the aberrant architectures of diller + scofidio.” It’s true, many surveys are awarded to artists who really aren’t ready for them, […]

  • Boxed In

    “Living Inside the Grid” is New Museum senior curator Dan Cameron’s first group exhibition at a U.S. museum since 1982, and it shows. Cameron has mounted more recent and successful solo-artist exhibits, but here he succumbs to a classic curatorial pitfall: starting with a theory—in this case, the “inhabited grid” of information technology—and plugging in […]

  • The Dreamlife of Shoppers

    As you drift through the aisles at Bloomingdale’s, do you ever stop to think what you’re doing there? Brushing against strangers’ coats, lost in the hum of overheard conversations and the ambient mist of perfume, you browse, fondle, and purchase objects that may tell the world something about you. From Walter Benjamin’s writings on 19th-century […]

  • The Shops Around the Corner

    If retailers were classified as countries, Home Depot’s gross domestic product would be greater than Morocco’s. Wal-Mart is more prosperous than Hong Kong; Ikea trumps Ghana. Shopping used to be one thing you did when you visited a city; now it’s the only thing. So how come our universities don’t have graduate departments of retail […]

  • Home Front

    Why don’t those two Frenchmen move their big heads so a person can get a better look at that house with the half-inch-by-half-inch Plexiglas kitchen, and how about that two-inch powder blue acrylic swimming pool? There are just too many humans fighting to look at the one- and two-foot models of the 26 houses at […]