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  • Lightweight Boxing Drama ‘The Challenger’ Goes Down Before the Count’s Up

    At the risk of mixing sports metaphors, Kent Moran takes a page from Sylvester Stallone’s playbook for his Bronx-set boxing film The Challenger. Moran’s directorial debut is a showcase for the multi-hyphenate, who wrote and stars in this pugilistic tale as well as serving as a producer and editor. But he’s unlikely to skyrocket to […]

  • ‘An Open Secret’ Exposes Hollywood Pedophilia, but Not Quite a Conspiracy

    In its last moments, Amy Berg’s exposé of sexual predators among Hollywood’s management classes offers a curious disclaimer: “The filmmakers acknowledge that this is not a gender based issue,” a title reads, just before the closing credits. “We chose to tell these specific stories, but they are representations of a greater issue that affects both […]

  • Bay Area Noir Man From Reno Has Plenty of Twists

    When writer-director Dave Boyle was nineteen, he spent two years as a Mormon missionary in Australia. He mainly hung out with Japanese surf bums, picking up enough of the language that when he returned to the States, he cast himself as a Japanophile businessman in his debut feature, Big Dreams Little Tokyo. Ever since, he’s […]

  • A Girl Like Her Tells an Up-to-the-Second Story of Bullying

    Amy S. Weber’s heart-wrenching A Girl Like Her begins by solving one mystery while posing another. As teenager Jessica (Lexi Ainsworth) tries on a spy camera that records from a seemingly impossible p.o.v. angle, the scene is intercut with footage from that same camera a year later as she takes an overdose of prescription hydrocodone. […]

  • Sports Drama The Quitter Keeps Going and Getting Less Interesting

    The Quitter‘s low-key approach to its well-trodden redemption arc — an ex-ballplayer (Matthew Bonifacio) turns his life around by reuniting with his ex-girlfriend (Julianna Gelinas Bonifacio) and reconnecting with the daughter (Destiny Monet Cruz) he abandoned seven years ago — might seem like a welcome strategy. But screenwriter Bill Gullo (working in a much different […]

  • Take Me to the River Pairs Old-School Memphis Soul With a New Generation

    There’s an earnest didacticism to Martin Shore’s directorial debut, Take Me to the River, a film that initially comes off as a primer on the Memphis sound and a making-of documentary for a genre-blending music project. Shore and his fellow music producers pair veteran r&b, soul and blues musicians with younger performers, primarily rappers (like […]

  • Train Thriller Last Passenger Aspires to be Hitchcokian

    Few vistas are as exhilarating as the passenger train window, the world advancing and receding with breathtaking speed, the viewer stationary yet hurtling through the landscape. Few films articulate this sensation as stunningly as the opening of Omid Nooshin’s Last Passenger, which features wide POV shots of trains charging through exotic terrains. It’s an indicator […]

  • WWII Drama Walking with the Enemy Crams a Lot of Big Ideas Into a Small Movie

    In the World War II drama Walking with the Enemy, everything unrelated to the actual war feels like a nostalgic grandpa’s rose-tinted recollections of the old country. Times are tough, of course, but the family dinners and young love in the air prove idyllic. Everything else in Mark Schmidt’s based-on-a-true-story thriller feels like a lot […]

  • The Raid 2 Offers More, More, Argh

    A grave has been freshly dug in the opening shot of director Gareth Evans’s ultra-violent Indonesian flick The Raid 2. It’s a start, but Evans is going to need 400 more. In the first few minutes, Evans dispenses with three-quarters of the survivors of 2012’s The Raid: Redemption, the writer-director’s brutal mini-epic about a police […]

  • It’s Jason Bateman vs. Grade-Schoolers in Bad Words

    As you can guess, Jason Bateman’s directorial debut Bad Words is filled with bad words: Bateman plays Guy Trilby, an alleged grown-up with a photographic memory and a lousy attitude who bullies his way into a national spelling bee for grade-schoolers. As he’s knocking ’em dead on the spelling-bee circuit, executing words like floccinaucinihilipilification with […]