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  • Make Levees, Not War

    Make Levees, Not War: That’s the most popular slogan among several Katrina T-shirts seen around New Orleans. Without stronger, reinforced levees, everyone in New Orleans agrees, the recovery is doomed. So many breathed a sigh of relief on December 15 when President Bush met with Mayor Ray Nagin to pledge $1.5 billion to the $1.6 […]

  • After Katrina: The Smell in Dry New Orleans Now

    Sunday, September 18, New Orleans—The smell in the dry parts of New Orleans is surprisingly bearable. It has hardly rained for three weeks now, so what you get is sour, pungent, with some petroleum, brackish with a tang of dead fish from the lake water, and even a hint of sweetness. That comes from the […]

  • Crude Manipulation

    Supposedly gas prices are going through the roof because of an oil shortage. The hurricane made things worse. But it looks increasingly as though this is an out-and-out scam. The industry is awash with crude oil. However, it has reduced refinery output because selling refined products has been a money loser. Now, reports are suggesting […]

  • Republicans, Mom Try to Bail Out Bush

    WASHINGTON, D.C.-Starting with President Bush himself-and with his mother-Republicans are attempting to do damage control for the beleaguered administration. Barbara Bush famously told the press those poor people fleeing Hurricane Katrina-the ones stranded on their rooftops and searching for loved ones and warehoused at the Superdome and the New Orleans Convention Center-are faring better at […]

  • My Flood of Tears

    Along with the rest of the nation, the rest of my hometown’s residents, and my friends and family, I’ve flown through a lot of emotions in the past week since Hurricane Katrina wrecked my city of New Orleans: fear, rage, anxiety, and grief. While the bodies are still being counted, I’ve currently settled on shame. […]