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  • 1988 Pazz & Jop: Dancing on a Logjam

    When last we sat down for a serious chat, it was the end of the world as we knew it, and I felt fine. The Pazz & Jop Critics’ Poll, conceived as a goof and evolved willy-nilly into a barometer, was plainly in a jam — a “logjam.” On the album chart, which dated back […]

  • 1977 Pazz & Jop: Pazz & Joppers Dig Pistols — What Else Is New?

    A fellow member of the rock criticism establishment tells me that the poll which inspires my annual wrap-up might have a real shot at exposure in the newsweeklies — a chance to get some AM airplay and go pop — if it wasn’t saddled with such a ridiculous name. And I respond that the name is supposed […]

  • Personal, Political, and Otherwise: King Kendrick Rules Pazz & Jop

    Remember self-brander Amanda Palmer in the last days of 2016, blitzing journos in her safe Australian home? “Donald Trump is going to make punk rock great again,” the pull quote went. “We’re all going to crawl down staircases into basements and speakeasies and make amazing satirically political art.” Er, well… Scanning the top forty albums […]

  • Hard Working Americans

    Progressive singer-songwriter Todd Snider delivers a Workingman’s Dead for the 21st century with his new band’s debut album. Chris Robinson Band guitarist Neal Casal and Widespread Panic bassist Dave Schools add a psychedelic tinge to a set of cover songs — by the likes of Bottle Rockets, Drivin’ ‘N’ Cryin’, and Randy Newman — that […]

  • Johnathan Blake

    He has kicked lots of ass in the Mingus Big Band, but the drummer’s forte is finesse. You can hear it as he scoots around a wide artistic palette on the new Eleventh Hour. A band with saxophonists Jaleel Shaw and Mark Turner standing shoulder to shoulder helps invigorate a broad-scope program that stretches from […]

  • Carole Bufford

    “Intro” is the title she’s pegged to this show, although she’s been giving herself a slam-bang introduction to the cabaret community for awhile now. She has enough stored energy to light the Northeastern grid and likes to specialize in the blues and, more recently, the sly little satirical songs of Randy Newman. Seems lik she’ll […]

  • Jon Shain & Bill Newton

    The fine North Carolina singer-songwriter has hella acoustic guitar chops marinated in swing, ragtime, and Piedmont blues. A former improv-rocker with the band Flying Mice, Shain delivers a wonderful set of vintage-sounding tunes inspired by the new recessionary South on his latest album, Times Right Now; it also includes chestnuts such as “Careless Love” and […]

  • Willie Nelson & the Levon Helm Band

    The gray-headed stranger has, as of late, taken his place in the pantheon of the most notable singers of the great American songbook (which includes Frank Sinatra and, uh, Rod Stewart). In a roundabout way, his gentle nasal croon works on such songs as “Fly Me to the Moon” and “Come Rain or Come Shine,” […]

  • ‘Under the Covers’

    Dynamite package Carole Bufford is relatively new to the city but is already carving a wide niche for herself on the cabaret circuit. She’s the kind of bold entertainer who’ll take on the output of someone as idiosyncratic as the great, intrepid Randy Newman. She ought to wrap him around her little finger; just one […]

  • Marianne Faithfull

    Her voice, like Tina Turner’s, is long gone but it doesn’t matter—they both know how to use what’s left of it, which is more than Dylan can say. Now a grand dame, she can easily entertain with her own back catalog and some wry banter, but tonight she’s covering the American Songbook, which might include […]