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  • Tail! Spin! Hilariously Demonstrates How the Latter Follows the Former in Politics

    Tail! Spin! is an amusing vaudeville of spliced-together soundbites from a Top 4 of recent political sex scandals, reconstituted in the spirited performances of improv/comedy professionals including former SNL player Rachel Dratch. Enacting transcripts of embarrassing press conferences and TV appearances by ephebophile senator Mark Foley, Idaho’s Larry “Wide Stance” Craig, South Carolina Governor Mark […]

  • One Night Stand is a Flimsy Home-Movie Portrait

    The 24 Hour Company is an organization that, for charity, enlists Broadway and television actors, writers, directors, composers, and choreographers to produce and stage four 15-minute musicals in a single day. It’s a noble and creatively inventive venture, but Elisabeth Sperling and Trish Dalton’s documentary about the event, One Night Stand, still doesn’t amount to […]

  • Rachel Dratch on Her Career, That Red Vibrator, And Her Surprise Baby

    Beloved for her SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE portrayals of flighty Ally McBeal and depressing Debbie Downer, Rachel Dratch went on to get bumped from 30 ROCK in favor of the more vavoomy, less sketch-oriented Jane Krakowski. Downer! (Waaah, waaah.) But Dratch has found her place as a mother, accidentally having a baby with a casual boyfriend, […]


    We’ve all had that morning-after moment when the increasingly lucid memory of last night’s misadventure begins to set in. Meanwhile, the texts have been sent, the Facebook pictures are posted, and your best friend has written a hit one-act play about it featuring a character whose name suspiciously rhymes with your own (OK, maybe that’s […]

  • Celebrity Autobiography

    The hilarious Celebrity Autobiography series hosts a “Gay Pride Edition,” with Broadway beauty Cheyenne Jackson, Ugly Betty’s Michael Urie, Rachel Dratch, Jackie Hoffman, and others reading from the tomes of vapid celebs. Fri., June 26, 9:30 p.m., 2009

  • Did Meryl Streep Ever Sleep With DeNiro?

    The lowest, most despicable excuse for a human on the entire planet . . . No, wait, that’s my introduction for Osama bin Laden. Let me start again. The most exalted purveyor of cinematic art on the entire planet, Meryl Streep loves her craft almost as much as everyone else loves her craft. Even if […]

  • Amy Poehler Pops

    Starring former and current “Weekend Update” co-anchors Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as uptight, terminally single executive Kate and her vulgar South Philly surrogate womb Angie, respectively, Baby Mama opens the Tribeca Film Festival on April 23 with a heavy dose of studio mainstream. Chugging Big Gulps and bingeing on Tastykakes, Poehler’s Angie is giddy […]