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  • 1994 Pazz & Jop: Hegemony Sez Who? Does ‘Alternative Rock’ Rule or Rool?

    The shoo-in winner of the 21st or 22nd Pazz & Jop Critics’ Poll is hardly a shock, except perhaps to those who’ve declared the nifty little pop band Green Day a sign of the zeitgeist. Most wily young alternacrits had handicapped Hole’s Live Through This at No. 1 months ago, and without much to-do about […]

  • 1992 Pazz & Jop: Between Rock and a Hard Place

    Back in November, nobody knew who would win the 19th or 20th Pazz & Jop Critics’ Poll. By January, everybody did — everybody but me. “It’s not good enough, Joe,” I protested earnestly to Crown Poobah Joe Levy, and of that I felt certain. The kvelling about Arrested Development’s 3 Years, 5 Months and 2 […]

  • 1991 Pazz & Jop: Reality Used to Be a Friend of Ours

    An unprecedented 300 voters made the 18th or 19th Pazz & Jop Critics’ Poll the most colossal ever. So even though Nirvana’s Nevermind finished one shy of an almost unprecedented 1700 points, Seattle’s reluctant teen spirits, whose 1989 Sub Pop debut Bleach was actually plucked from the Amerindie swamp by three Pazz & Jop respondents […]

  • 1987 Pazz & Jop: Significance and Its Discontents in the Year of the Blip

    I grew up in a time when elections still had their popcult charm, like baseball standings. Since age 10 I’ve been rooting for a presidential convention to go into extra ballots, and despite the lives at stake, the first Tuesday of November is my idea of a good night for a TV party. That’s how […]

  • 1986 Pazz & Jop: Township Jive Conquers the World

    Over at the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, where an accounting firm more reputable than Dean & Poobah is totting up the Grammies even as I write, the year ends October 1, to give the electoral machinery time to rumble into action. Here at the Voice, where small is still sometimes beautiful, the […]

  • 1985 Pazz & Jop: Virtue Rewarded

    Nineteen eighty-five sure was busy-busy-busy for Chuck and Elvis’s love child. You’d think it’d have its hands full just perverting the nation and feeding the world, but those were epiphenomena. Now more than ever, “rock music” is first and foremost an engine of the culture industry, whence all the rest of its inescapable visibility flows. […]

  • 1984 Pazz & Jop: The Rise of the Corporate Single

    The 11th or 12th Pazz & Jop Critics’ Poll is fraught with many significances. You got capitalism rampant and alternative capitalism and maybe even alternative politics, you got 1984 come true and the light at the end of the tunnel. You got three top 10 bands from Minneapolis and try to make a “sound” out […]

  • 1983 Pazz & Jop: Who Else? A Goddamn Critics’ Band, That’s Who Else

    Only rock critics will understand how such a thing could be, but for a while there it looked as if R.E.M.’s Murmur — known jocularly among skeptics as Mumble — might actually outdistance Michael Jackson’s Thriller in the 10th or 11th annual Pazz & Jop Critics’ Poll. This dire possibility reflected the ambivalence with which the most […]


    Remember when people thought the world was going to end last December? Well, this year it’s really happening. And the only survivors? Taylor Mac and Mandy Patinkin! Classic Stage Company presents a workshop production of their new show, The Last Two People on Earth: An Apocalyptic Vaudeville. Through song and dance, they tell the story […]

  • Mission of Burma

    Next year might mark the 30th anniversary these storied post-punk troubadours called it quits, but, on a more positive note, this year marks a decade since they decided to re-form. Sparked on by the interest surrounding them upon the release of music journalist Michael Azerrad’s Our Band Could Be Your Life book, the group, who […]