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  • The Unbearable Whiteness of Publishing, Pt. 2

    The Unbearable Whiteness of Book Publishing On the surface, book publishing seems a world apart from the realm of newspapers and magazines — and certainly it has different rhythms, scales, and ownership. Book publishing also ap­pears to be more integrated, at least judg­ing by the slew of nonwhite writers who’ve made the bestseller list over […]

  • The Unbearable Whiteness of Publishing, Pt. 1

    The Unbearable Whiteness of Journalism Ever been to a fire in New York City? Or walked by a firefighters’ demonstration. Anybody who’s ever seen a mass of New York’s bravest can’t help but be struck by a blazing demo­graphic trait shared by the hook-and-ladder crowd: they are overwhelmingly white. How white? According to Charles Mann Associates, […]

  • 7 Days: Sonny Mehta and the Knopf Conundrum

    The Knopf Conundrum: Who Is Sonny Mehta and Why Are They Saying These Terrible Things About Him? September 20, 1989 In the beginning of August, just as the book-publishing business was getting ready to head for the beach, rumors that had until then been festering in the halls of Alfred A. Knopf finally hit the […]