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  • 1986 Pazz & Jop: Township Jive Conquers the World

    Over at the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, where an accounting firm more reputable than Dean & Poobah is totting up the Grammies even as I write, the year ends October 1, to give the electoral machinery time to rumble into action. Here at the Voice, where small is still sometimes beautiful, the […]

  • Wild Cub

    As long as there are after-hours lounges, there will be a venue for the spare, sparkly pop Nashville’s Wild Cub ply. A restless nocturnal energy drives Keegan Dewitt and Jeremy Bullock’s artificial, synth-bombed cocktails; they’re like the energy drinks that keep you clubbing hard when common sense insists that it’s time to hit the hay. […]

  • Ane Brun

    This Norwegian singer spent a good chunk of 2011 working with Peter Gabriel on his dead-boring New Blood project, but fortunately Brun’s own stuff is much livelier: “Do You Remember,” the lead single from her just-released It All Starts with One, is a killer jungle-rumble collab with the lovely ladies of Sweden’s First Aid Kit. […]

  • Gotye

    After its second single went from viral video source material to one of the biggest songs in the country, Gotye’s Making Mirrors still sounds fantastic for the way it so cannily restates the production tropes of Sting and Peter Gabriel’s finest ’80s art-pop for a new younger audience. Sun., March 25, 8 p.m., 2012


    After taking a whopping 30-month break between albums, TV on the Radio have finally returned with Nine Types of Light—in all likelihood the fourth record from the critically acclaimed, perpetually indescribable soul-punk avant-goth minimalist wooosh-rockers. With LCD Soundsystem’s funky death rattle shake-shake-shaking along, TVOTR are poised to be crowned the new house band of New […]

  • Vampire Weekend

    After the boat shoes, Afro-pop identity crisis, premature magazine cover, blog band backlash, “whitest band” coronation, auto-tune side project, and inevitable acclaim (feels so unnatural, Peter Gabriel, too)—who gives a fuck about Vampire Weekend? Apparently you do, as Columbia’s preppiest indie rockers return to play the sumptuous digs of Harlem’s United Palace Theatre, united again […]


    Put on your legwarmers, shoulder pads, and neon T-shirts! The Film Society of Lincoln Center is playing all 11 uninterrupted hours of the Conspiracy of Hope concert, the 1986 Amnesty International feel-good fest, which included U2, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Miles Davis, the Police, and Yoko Ono and was held in Giants Stadium. Only aired […]


    The films and videos of stop-motion animators the Brothers Quay, identical twins and professional partners Stephen and Timothy Quay, may be obscure to some, but surely you can recall Peter Gabriel’s 1986 music video “Sledgehammer,” for which they provided the dancing chicken and fruits. Their unique craft of creating minuscule and dreamy settings that behold […]

  • Singles Going Steady

    Nelly Furtado “Say It Right” Loose (Geffen) Ten years after Aaliyah’s “One in a Million,” Timbaland is still using the same heaving synth waves and tricky, Tourettic drum programming, but the rest of the pop world still hasn’t caught up. Here, Tim channels early-’90s Peter Gabriel, his rippling bongos and staccato mouth-clicks granting a vaguely […]

  • Film

    With Hollywood showing off iMac sets and characters in Sky Captain, Richard Sylvarnes—who, Gallo-style, scripted, directed, scored, and photographed this empty opus—delivers the indie equivalent in which all the writing seems auto-programmed by his old PC. In this mystery about a catatonic woman possibly possessed by the ghost of her doctor’s dead wife, stilted lines […]