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    “I don’t want to write any story that I think can be written,” author Nathan Englander recently told Granta magazine. “The challenge and fun of writing stories is engaging with something that seems impossible to execute, so that even I don’t know how it’s going to turn out.” So how did the stories of his […]

  • Peter Carey’s New Novel Plays Disorienting Identity Games

    His Illegal Self—the latest novel by two-time Booker Prize winner Peter Carey—is, among other things, a name game. Seven-year-old Jay discovers he’s also called “Che” when an unknown hippie with ties to his absent parents appears at his grandmother’s New York apartment. The stranger’s name is Anna Xenos (because “Xenos meant displaced person”), but she’s […]

  • My Little Phony

    Peter Carey has a knack for hijacking history. His Booker Prize-winning True History of the Kelly Gang reimagined the life of Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, while in Jack Maggs he cajoled several characters from Great Expectations into doing his bidding. Carey’s latest novel, My Life as a Fake, lifts its premise from a story that […]