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  • SZA, Lorde, and the Pazz & Jop Rise of Songs of the Self

    In some ways, Katy Perry, ever a woman of the zeitgeist, understood perfectly how the cards were shuffled in 2017. After years of making ooey-gooey songs that kept step with whatever trends were then dominating radio, she took a turn to something more political, more strident, on her latest album, Witness. Trump’s victory was, Perry […]

  • Cardi B: In Control of Pazz & Jop Singles

    On December 20, Cardi B appeared on The Tonight Show. She talked about her 2017 (“I have been proven”), her family (“Once you start making money, everybody wants you to be they kid’s godmother or something”), and her engagement to Offset of Migos (“It’s the right thing to do”). She trilled, drew shapes in the […]

  • Personal, Political, and Otherwise: King Kendrick Rules Pazz & Jop

    Remember self-brander Amanda Palmer in the last days of 2016, blitzing journos in her safe Australian home? “Donald Trump is going to make punk rock great again,” the pull quote went. “We’re all going to crawl down staircases into basements and speakeasies and make amazing satirically political art.” Er, well… Scanning the top forty albums […]

  • Slaps in the Face

    Major-label consolidation would seem to bring closer a system where all well-known recording artists work for four big corporations. There’s an impression that this machine could roll over indie music and finish it off. We like to say: on the contrary. Indie music may have lost some loose change. But isn’t it indie’s nature to […]

  • Thirdhand News

    Well, that was the century that was. It’s strange to feel as I write this that everything made before last week is now classical music. Greg Casseus Manhattan I’m overcome with nostalgia whenever I put on Moby’s Play. It’s so ’90s. John Soeder Cleveland, Ohio Thirdhand news: Kid Rock’s impersonation of Puff Daddy impersonating Bachman-Turner […]

  • Rev That Azz Up

    East and West undergrounds crawled out of the 4 a.m. radio slots, the jiggy kept it jiggy, the South kept on ballin’. There are more kinds of rap floating around than I can ever remember. Joe Gross Dallas, Texas It’s been 10 years since it’s felt this good to be a fan of rap music. […]

  • The 1999 Pazz & Jop Critics’ Poll

    Magnetic Fields: #2 album ALBUMS 1. Moby Play (v2) 1548 (134) 2. The Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs (merge) 1320 (99) 3. Beck Midnite Vultures (dgc) 1242 (118) 4. The Flaming Lips The Soft Bulletin (warner bros.) 1208 (102) 5. Tom Waits Mule Variations (epitaph) 1039 (96) 6. Rage Against the Machine The Battle of […]

  • Flak On Both Sides

    Rock critics are nerds. We like it that way. We like staying home and listening to records, then trading them in for other records (even, heh heh, beer money). We like being on the guest list, too. There’s lots of good things about this job. We don’t have to coo over John Updike or Robert […]