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  • Crisis-Mode Rudy

    With this 9/11 thing continuing to work for former mayor Rudy Giuliani, we can’t help wondering how President Giuliani might handle a crisis before the arrayed minions of the White House press corps. Of course, the answer is simple: You only have to go back and look at his record as mayor. Let’s face it: […]

  • Listings

    There’s nothing quite like walking into a bar at the edge of nowhere: You just don’t know what to expect when the tumbleweeds start blowing—or when the folks at Citysearch and Zagat haven’t deemed your destination worthy of “discovery.” And with even the seediest of dives populated by slumming celebrities, you have to wonder why […]

  • The Year In Pot

    One of the problems that the marijuana reform movement consistently faces is that everyone wants to talk about what marijuana does, but no one ever wants to look at what marijuana prohibition does. Marijuana never kicks down your door in the middle of the night. Marijuana never locks up sick and dying people, does not […]

  • Brooklyn

    The March 16 police killing of Haitian descendant Patrick Dorismond riled the city’s already outraged communities of color. Thousands turned out for Dorismond’s funeral; police accused some of violence. But attendees said the police, with their aggressive antiriot tactics, disrespected a community’s mourning. —Chisun Lee

  • Morgenthau’s Mess

    When Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau announced a few weeks ago that no charges would be brought against the cop who killed Patrick Dorismond, a controversy that had convulsed the city for months came to a quick and quiet end. Rudy Giuliani praised the decision of the 81-year-old dean of New York law enforcement, a […]

  • Giuliani Owes NYPD an Apology

    A sudden reminder of his mortality, says Rudolph Giuliani, is making him a better mayor, one who reaches out to those who feel they have not benefited from all he has done to improve this city’s quality of life. He keeps saying, for instance, that he may visit the family of Patrick Dorismond to express […]

  • Are We in a Police State?

    In a column in the March 23 Daily News, David Paterson, New York state senator from Harlem, said: ‘No one has explained so far why officer Anthony Vasquez drew his gun on an unarmed Dorismond.’ On March 19, also in the News, Hillary Gaston, pastor of Parkchester Baptist Church in the Bronx, said: “People believe […]

  • Who Will Indict the Lawbreaking Mayor?

    Patrick Dorismond just said no to an undercover drug cop, then wound up dead and smeared. —Jim Dwyer, New York Daily News, March 19 Mayor Giuliani said yesterday he won’t visit the family of Patrick Dorismond because he doesn’t want to give the “impression” the police shooting was unjustified. —New York Post, March 23 In […]

  • Mourning Rush

    The NYPD described mourners at the funeral of Patrick Dorismond as a bottle-throwing melee, but legal observers claim that cops were the real disruptive force, provoking civilians at every turn. “Police joined the march in uniform and from the beginning created a tremendous amount of tension,” says Michael Letwin, president of the Association of Legal […]

  • The Night Shift

    On the night that Patrick Dorismond was outmatched by a cop’s Kahr 9mm, Omar Christie had the good sense to refuse to say no to drugs. When an undercover cop approached Christie looking for narcotics, the 18-year-old was only too happy to oblige. The teenager, a resident of Covenant House’s crisis center on West 41st […]