Tag: Oskar Roehler

  • ‘Agnes and His Brothers’

    Three German siblings compete for Most Fucked-Up in Oskar Roehler’s tedious Freudian roundelay: There’s a sex-addicted, therapy-addled Peeping Tom librarian turned porn actor, a deluded Green Party politician with a suburban family who hates him, and a nightclub dancer whose transgender status is apparently inseparable from her tragic aura. The title’s pointedly incorrect pronoun is […]

  • Film

    On television, gleeful Germans hack apart sections of the Berlin Wall, but alone in her modernist Munich home, novelist Hanna Flanders watches in horror; she grasps a handful of pills and contemplates suicide. So opens Oskar Roehler’s Nowhere to Go (1999), which tracks the mental breakdown of a West German writer whose soul collapses when her […]

  • You Can’t Go Home Again

    BEFORE THE STORM A pair of moral dilemmas overlap and dovetail in this muted melodrama by director Reza Parsa (born in Iran, now a Swedish citizen). Ali, an émigré cab driver and former terrorist, living happily in Sweden with his unwitting wife and two kids, is strong-armed out of retirement by emissaries from his unnamed […]