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  • Heavy Hitters: Damn Yanquis and Cartoon Vampires

    The camera pans across battered cinder-block walls, a muddy infield, concrete stands shorn of awnings, and palm trees silhouetted against gray skies. On the soundtrack, an old-timer reminisces in Spanish about his days on a Cuban baseball team: “Nobody could beat us! Do you remember the game with the Yanquis?” Our perspective sweeps over the […]

  • The Havana Stat Kings

    HAVANA—It was better late than never for the Yankees last week when José Contreras made his first start in the Bronx after sitting out much of the season with a strained shoulder. The Yankees beat Baltimore 7-0, and Contreras struck out five with an old-fashioned forkball. But it was also a victory for Contreras’s fellow […]

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    COLÓN CLEANSING You could’ve knocked us over with LeBron James‘s Humvee when news of the three-way Orlando Hernández trade broke last week. Basically, the Expos got El Duque, the White Sox got Bartolo Colón, and the Yankees . . . well, it looks like they got screwed, but at least the deal kept the Red […]

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    A GIANT AMONG PLAYERS Long before he moved to the frozen-food section, Ted Williams said, “Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of 10 and be considered a good performer.” By that yardstick, what adjective can we apply to the recent achievements of Barry Bonds? Over the […]

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    THERE’S WAITING, AND THEN THERE’S WAITING Yankee players got their 2001 World Series shares months ago: more than $201,000 each — for losing. Five waiters at Yankee Stadium’s most exclusive restaurant, on the other hand, faithfully served George Steinbrenner and his buddies during the series, and saw some big tips being scrawled on charge slips, […]

  • Jock Lit

    Hits, errors, wishful thinking, dashed dreams, nice people finishing last—baseball books are just like the game itself. Don’t judge the following select list of recent books only by their covers (or their authors). But if you do, you’ll be both delighted and disappointed. As we said, just like the game. A Pitcher’s Story: Innings With […]