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  • ‘EXPO 1’ Imagines the End Times–And Does Nothing to Stop Them

    The question is not so much if “EXPO 1: New York,” a multi-site exhibition, is engaging, but rather if it is pointless. It aims to present a “darkly optimistic” view of the 21st century, which the organizers purport has been marked by ecological disasters, economic turmoil, and the promise of political change. But “Expo 1” […]

  • Going Waterboarding at Coney Island

    Squishy with delight that Coney Island in all its ratty splendor has survived another year, I scramble onto the N train for the trip from 14th Street to the beach, a ride that includes a view of Olafur Eliasson’s waterfalls—so much nicer from this elevated track than they were from that East River boat—and culminates […]


    Choreographer Richard Move takes the ladies of his MoveOpolis! company out on the town in Hostile Takeover, a set of six dance installations performed throughout lower Manhattan. Exploring the power of beauty, the all-female performances (including one inside the window of Hermès at 12:30 p.m.) are intended to serve as a potent dose of “strong […]

  • Olafur Eliasson’s Waterfalls and Statues of Limitations

    I am leaving Saks Fifth Avenue in a huff on a recent blazing Saturday—because even though everything is 70 percent off, the Sgt. Pepper–esque Junya Watanabe jacket I’ve been contemplating since February is still over $1,000—when I notice, at the entrance to Rockefeller Center across the street, some sort of model of a skyscraper that […]

  • Olafur Eliasson’s Anti-Sublime Enchantment

    “Art is about communication,’ I reminded a painter friend as she sang the praises of a mutual acquaintance, a sculptor with a prickly personality who makes notoriously recondite and difficult work. “Think so?” she responded. “I’d say art is about research.” Communication or research? How interesting it is to view the history of modern and […]


    Get a feeling for Iceland—and avoid wearing a heavy coat—by checking out Take Your Time: Olafur Eliasson, the largest collection of the Icelander’s work in the U.S., which includes vast installations, sculptures, and photographs that represent the landscape and culture of his native country. Sponsored by MOMA and P.S.1, Eliasson is known for his placement […]

  • Sunday

    [MUSIC] A LONG TIME COMING Tokyo Police Club celebrate an exceptional debut The Canadian quartet Tokyo Police Club waited a staggering three years—in the blog era, nothing short of a century—to release their debut, Elephant Shell, which finally comes out this Tuesday. Over that span, the foursome’s savvy take on the Strokes has gradually grown […]

  • Restoration Drama

    Not being a fan of Daniel Buren’s work, I expected to dismiss his Titanic-scaled mirror-covered boat prow of an installation at the Guggenheim Museum as an overblown folly, a boring last gasp from an over-the-hill “institutional critique” artist, and too little too late from this troubled museum. Instead, I experienced something paradoxical and revealing. “The […]

  • Room With a View

    “Our so-called space-time dimension of the visible universe is only one dimension of the many ‘sandwiched’ into our being,” writes Einar Thorsteinn, who sounds like the latest pop-science auteur, but is actually the geometry guru who has engineered many of Olafur Eliasson’s visually transparent, intellectually transcendent installations. In his latest show at Bonakdar, Eliasson pays […]

  • Natural Wonder

    You might not notice the large wooden duct that cuts horizontally through the project gallery and the office. But the staff has to duck under it all day. “I don’t know what we did to him to make him do this to us,” said one employee. “It’s a pain. But the real reason we work […]