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  • 1978 Pazz & Jop: New Wave Hegemony and the Bebop Question

    Given my pure mania for what must now be called new wave — punk, I will never forget you — the fifth or sixth annual Pazz & Jop Critics’ Poll ought to feel like a triumph, and in some ways it does. The 98 ballots received were almost half again as many as the previous […]


    As though sharing a womb for nine months weren’t enough intimacy for a lifetime, producer Ry Cooder recorded the Haden Triplets’ debut album around a single microphone, Carter Family–style, in Tanya Haden’s home. Petra, Rachel, and Tanya are the offspring of legendary jazz bassist Charlie Haden, who grew up singing country and folk music on […]

  • Nick Lowe+Jason Isbell

    With Global Warming melting the North Pole, who else can we turn to but Nick Lowe? The avuncular Jesus of Cool descends upon the Heart of the City (a/k/a Lincoln Center), ready to bash out the smirky Power Pop of his Rockpile days and to croon the soulful country r0ock of his later work. Lowe […]

  • John Hiatt

    The veteran singer-songwriter just released his latest album, Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns, which means he’s sure to play plenty of new stuff tonight. But that shouldn’t keep away folks who only know Hiatt’s work through other artists’ hit versions of his tunes: Like Nick Lowe or John Doe, he’s one of these guys capable […]

  • Wilco

    The newest album from Jeff Tweedy’s acclaimed alt-country machine starts with “Art Of Almost,” an epic art-rock freakout which rightly parades spastic jazz/noise guitarist Nels Cline around like a prize poodle, and ends with Tweedy at his wistful best on “One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend),” 12 unearthly minutes well suited for gazing […]

  • The Undimmed Bar-Band Carnality of Nick Lowe

    “Belly to belly but never eye to eye” is how English pub-rockist Nick Lowe defines “love and affection” on his second solo record, 1979’s Labour of Lust. Recorded with Rockpile, the band Lowe led with guitarist and walking rock encyclopedia Dave Edmunds, Lust is more straightforward and less caustic and rangy than its predecessor, the […]

  • Nick Lowe & His Band+Geraint Watkins

    British pub-rock, punk, and New Wave linchpin Nick Lowe is the Don Draper of adult contemporary music. Since 1994’s The Impossible Bird, his artistic persona has been that of a romantic stranger, as enigmatic to his lovers as to himself, and this brilliant smoothie delivers his nuanced material with classic country warmth (think George Jones […]

  • Nick Lowe Inexplicably Remains Dapper as Hell

    Rob Trucks only got to shoot for two minutes, but he did okay. Nick Lowe Canal Room Tuesday, April 29 Nick Lowe has a new song called “I Read a Lot.” A lament, not a boast. (Though he’s got a lot of those, too.) He reads a lot because he’s lonely, you see. This comes […]

  • The Wrong Version of Nick Lowe’s Debut Album Is Being Reissued

    For better or worse, English song-o-matic dispenser Nick Lowe’s debut solo album was deemed worthy of two versions. The British one, Jesus of Cool, came out on Radar, the label founded by Jake Riviera after he split from Stiff, wherein Lowe, a punk and postpunk godfather, had earned the handle “Basher” for his in-three-takes-or-less approach […]

  • Murder Mystery: Uh-oh, Love Comes to Town

    Murder Mystery is a pop band with a soul and a brain, expert at turning out catchy, hard-rocking, intelligent music in the mode of Nick Lowe, Magnetic Fields, or Talking Heads. There’s isn’t a single weak track on their self-released debut, Are You Ready for the Heartache Cause Here It Comes; the band’s propulsive grooves […]