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  • Donald Trump’s Political Football

    Trump Political Football January 14, 1992 The venture that made Donald Trump a national figure wasn’t a real estate or casino project. While his own later self-promotion successfully depicted him as a magical master of the deal, it was his three-year dalliance with football — a game he loved to watch and hated to lose […]

  • While Trump Yells at NFL Players, Rightbloggers Work the Refs

    Last week, the president of the United States held a rally in Alabama to deliver a long, rambling endorsement of one ultraconservative Senate candidate over another, apparently on the basis of the candidate’s height, an endorsement he admitted to the crowd might be “a mistake.” During what may have been some sort of medical episode, […]

  • Pete Carroll Needs a Beer — Throw That Man a Beast Mode

    We’ve spent nearly half a year dedicating weekly beers to the folks who need or deserve them most, and we might have finally run into a near-perfect match. Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, you did not start your week off in sterling fashion. Far from it. In one of the most head-scratching play calls […]

  • A Beer to Inflate Patriots Coach Bill Belichick’s Confidence

    We’re a little over a week away from our nation’s most watched sporting event. No, it’s not Olympic curling. Of course I’m speaking about the Super Bowl. Although few others are at this moment, surprisingly. Speaking about it, that is. Instead, everyone’s talking about #InflateGate. And unless you don’t own a TV or modem and/or […]

  • NFL Refs And The Gentleman From Wisconsin

    Unions everywhere owe much to Paul Ryan. Yesterday, in a mind-boggling stretch of logic, the GOP vice presidential nominee equated Obama with the NFL referees who blew the call in Monday night’s game between Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks. It didn’t take long for a swarm of TV and internet pundits to point […]

  • Big Blue’s Path To Two-Peat Starts With Dallas

    The Giants take the field tonight in the season opener against the Dallas Cowboys as a four-point pick, and the fans and local press seem to pretty much agree that Big Blue has an excellent chance of repeating as Super Bowl champions. Las Vegas doesn’t exactly agree, at least on the latter point: you can […]

  • Fans To Rex Ryan: Go For It, Dammit!

    At 6:51 of the second quarter in last night’s 17-12 loss to the Carolina Panthers, the Jets lined up for a field goal and the boo birds erupted. It was 3rd-and-5, and the Jets, who had yet to score a touchdown in the preseason, were going for a field goal (Nick Folk had kicked a […]

  • Boozy Gatorade At Neely’s Barbecue Parlor

    [See More: Is Jay-Z Suing His Personal Chef Over Chicken Wings? | Fordham University: The Most Disgusting Food in the Country?] Talk about a real sports drink. NFL season is kicking off on September 5 at 8:30 p.m., and Neely’s Barbecue Parlor on First Avenue will be serving grown-up Gatorade for the occasion. The drink, […]