Tag: New Haven (Connecticut)

  • Never the Train: That Poor Dream Goes Off the Rails

    Metro-North’s commuter line from Grand Central to New Haven passes through some of the wealthiest suburbs and poorest cities in America. That Poor Dream, a “reimagining” of Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations by the Assembly Theater Project, takes place aboard an old-fashioned railroad car making this journey. Pip — Dickens’s rags-to-riches protagonist — now goes to […]

  • Stage Kiss Is a Meta Comedy With an Emotionally Vapid Ending

    If you crossed Noises Off with Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing, and threw in Slings and Arrows for good measure, the hyper-theatrical result might look something like Sarah Ruhl’s new play, Stage Kiss. Now at Playwrights Horizons, in a production directed by Rebecca Taichman, Stage Kiss is a wacky comedy about the difference — or […]

  • The Band Wagon

    Dir. Vincente Minnelli (1953) One of the giddiest backstage musicals ever made, Minnelli’s 1953 movie features Fred Astaire’s washed-up song-and-dance man hoping for a comeback in a bombastic production of Faust; when a tryout in New Haven lays an egg, the actor takes charge, turning it into a showcase for one of the craziest numbers […]


    If you’ve never been to a reading by Brian Francis Slattery, you’re in for a treat. An editor of The New Haven Review, Slattery is a talented science-fiction writer (Spaceman Blues: A Long Song and Liberation: Being the Adventures of the Slick Six After the Collapse of the United States of America) who also happens […]

  • A Little Journey–Rachel Crothers’s Rail Tale

    There’s nothing like traveling coach on a no-frills flight or squeezing yourself into the backseat of a Zipcar to make you long for the bygone romance and leg room of train travel. (Or maybe it isn’t entirely bygone: Think of the joys of the New Haven line bar car.) Yet in 1918, when Broadway mainstay […]

  • Ed Levine’s Last Meal . . .

    Ed Levine, founder of Serious Eats and the go-to guy for the best pizza, bagels, and hot dogs in New York, has long considered it his mission to enlighten the rest of us on the great joys of “honest food.” As such, Levine is hell-bent on guiding other “serious eaters” toward deliciousness and away from […]

  • Pynchon Me, I’m Dreaming

    Let’s say you’re at a party. A man (let’s call him Nitt Wittgenhaus) begins telling you a story. As in any good story there are twists and eddies, and while he’s talking you notice, across the room, a hermaphrodite wearing a low-cut shirt. You would like to meet this hermaphrodite, but Nitt is regaling you […]

  • Sideswiped

    Only two words in the thoroughly inert script of The Other Side have even provisional value, and they must be the ones that convinced the Manhattan Theatre Club, along with director Blanka Zizka and the beloved artists Rosemary Harris and John Cullum, to pour money, time, and effort into a piece of this worthlessness. The […]

  • Mix-And-Match Loving: Interracial Transgender Coupling

    While there is no official data on the dating patterns of transgender people, interracial relationships in this community happen and happen a lot. The way race plays out for these couples is influenced by a host of factors beyond skin color—whether they’re MTF or FTM, queer or straight, visibly gender different, urban or rurally located, […]

  • Not Your Chick

    At the height of brash, cock-rock bluster, years before Karen Finley slathered herself with chocolate and Bikini Kill revolutionized Girl Style Now, the Chicago and New Haven Women’s Liberation Rock Bands released a joint album. In early 1972, Rounder Records invited the groups, composed of members of each organization’s “agit-rock” arm, to record a split […]