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  • ‘Saint of 9/11’

    And so the teary, elegiac movie-stories from the war zone of 9-11 continue, each simultaneously fevered with wounded mourning and jockeying for position as the martyrdom tale of the day. Mychal Judge, the popular gay FDNY chaplain who perished in the fallen towers and was the day’s first official casualty, has been so designated by […]

  • Un-Hyped 9-11 Film Distinguishes Heroism From Patriotism

    The story of September 11, 2001, for New Yorkers, has at least as many variations of heartbreak as the city has people. Less hyped than the provocative and political United 93, another film, Saint of 9/11, touches the day in a manner more befitting such an intensely personal (yet public) tragedy. The film, rather than […]

  • Bush’s Gay Gambit

    “A milestone,” crowed the Human Rights Campaign, America’s most prominent gay political group. Yet this major moment went by with hardly a note of official fanfare. Few bills whisk past the president’s desk as quietly as the Mychal Judge Act, signed on June 24 and announced by the White House in a one-sentence e-mail posted […]

  • NY Mirror

    Being gay in 2002 means we might not necessarily be able to marry, adopt, or join the armed forces, but honey, we are in every sitcom! We’re a regular riot, girlfriend, our flouncy gestures and bons mots providing a cathartic giggle for the entire TV-watching populace. We’ve got a place at the table, all right, […]

  • NY Mirror

    Excuse me, but how are we supposed to find Bin Laden when we can’t even track down Dick Cheney? That’s been just one of the myriad of sick thoughts engulfing my mind during wartime, a situation that truly preys on my last nerve. Of course things have started looking up—burkas already seem so last season—but […]

  • A Love Supreme

    Father Mychal Judge was one of the most honored victims of the World Trade Center attack. But after his official funeral, the fallen fire chaplain would be remembered by the gay community at two events. One will occur this Thursday, when a number of groups observe the Irish custom of honoring a friend a month […]