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    The southeast Asian nation of Myanmar (also called Burma) has become more open to the West in recent years, following political and economic reforms, but its cuisine remains elusive in New York. The sixth annual Burmese Food Fair fills the void, serving a range of traditional appetizers, entrées, and desserts in Long Island City. Proceeds […]

  • 1, 2, 3, PARTYY!

    No one is happier to see Mission of Burma hit their 30th year than Mission of Burma—and no one is a truer and bluer fan than the band themselves, as their sound gets more triumphant and fun with each passing LP. With last year’s The Sound The Speed The Light, the greatest punk band to […]


    Fucked Up‘s Damian Abraham (a/k/a Pink Eyes) was still in diapers when Mission of Burma first started horrifying audiences with their bass-driven fusion of Wire’s art-school sensibilities, the Ramones’ fuck-everything attitude, and huge Zeppelin-esque riffs. To be fair, Fucked Up freaks people out in their own special way—Abraham will likely bleed and puke on you […]

  • Burma VJ: Reporting From a Closed Country, and Risking Their Lives Doing It

    How we view the relationship between traditional and new media should forever be changed by Danish filmmaker Anders Østergaard’s terrific documentary about a loosely organized network of scrappy underground videographers who risked their lives photographing the abortive 2007 uprising against Myanmar’s military dictatorship. Spooked by memories of a similar rebellion in 1988, the government shut […]

  • Cindy Bernard: ‘Silent Key’

    The gallery is densely hung with colorful reproductions of postcards that were originally sent from places that now exist only in old atlases: Nazi Germany, the USSR, Burma. Bernard’s grandfather, a ham-radio operator from 1923 until he died in 1999, received the missives from other hams around the world that he’d contacted using Morse code. […]


    Commemorating the first anniversary of the monks’ uprising in which thousands of Buddhist monks protested against Burma’s military dictatorship and the 20th Anniversary of the 1988 pro-democracy protests by millions of ordinary civilians, PEN, The Burma Project of OSI, and the New York Review of Books will join together to honor Burmese writers whose work […]

  • Pacifism Fails in the Face of Sovereign Evil

    While the generals ruling Myanmar were drastically limiting international aid for the many thousands of victims of the recent cyclone, a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington dismissed the urgent cries for forceful outside intervention. “Myanmar is a sovereign country,” said Wand Baodong on May 20. “In the end, rescue and relief work will […]

  • Recurring Curry

    Trip across the concrete footbridge that spans the gulf between sidewalk and café, and—bang!—you’re in Burma. Lace curtains screen out the traffic under the el on Roosevelt Avenue, and the walls are lined with tapestries of lumbering elephants done in silver and gold thread. Twin clocks indicate that it’s 8 p.m. in New York and […]

  • Shrimp Mountain

    I was tacking into a brisk headwind on College Point Boulevard—the eastern edge of the muddy garage-and-manufacturing district F. Scott Fitzgerald dubbed the Valley of Ashes in The Great Gatsby—when a red awning caught my eye. The name of the place was uninspiring: Thai Food House. There are so many new Thais in town, I’ve […]

  • The Sound of Sirens

    Can’t wait another week for The Village Voice‘s Siren Music Festival? Download these music files for a sneak preview of some of the show’s headliners . . . Mission of Burma consoled any fears of a mediocre reunion after some 20 or so years with a string of successful shows and their new album ONoffON. […]