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    “There are a couple pics of girl/girl kisses. Never knew this occurred so often at my shows,” tweeted Murs recently, perhaps forgetting that power is the greatest aphrodisiac—which his 2008 disc, Murs for President, fluidly demonstrated he has. It’s an outraged, vivid, ambitious flurry from the L.A. rapper (and Living Legends alum), and still leaves […]

  • Murs Hits the Big Time, If ‘the Big Time’ Even Exists

    Odder than anything beaming in from Planet Weezy is Warner Bros.’ decision to take a chance on indie interloper Murs just when hip-hop sales have gotten as terrible as the rest of the music industry’s. Pitchfork noted that “mainstream hip-hop has little time for ordinary dudes,” and I’d add that neither does the underground, which […]