Tag: Murray Louis

  • A Look Back at the Work of Alwin Nikolais

    Picture this: Human arms appear over the top of a slanting mirror wall about four feet high; as they stretch up, they acquire reflections joined to them at the armpit. Soon we’re watching wormy double-handed arms, or legs with feet at both ends, squabbling or swaying harmoniously. Eventually, like the bisected royalty on a deck […]

  • The American Dance Guild Honors Murray Louis

    In his heyday as a performer in Alwin Nikolais’ company and later with his own group, Murray Louis truly sang the “body electric,” but not in Walt Whitman’s sense of himself as charging with his soul those he loved and pressed close to. Louis danced as a man electrified by small currents that rippled through […]

  • Ripeness Is All

    As usual, Dancenow NYC opened the fall season at Dance Theater Workshop with a message of inclusiveness. This year’s “40Up” programs featured those celebrating their 10th anniversaries as choreographers, while “Base Camp” focused on up-and-comers, and “Upclose” presented young dancemakers in a studio performance. Originally, “40Up” referred to artists over 40, and some in this […]

  • You Gotta Be a Survivor

    Janis Brenner’s 25th anniversary season celebrates not only her talents and the longevityof her company but her mentors and colleagues over the years. Murray Louis, in whose company Brenner danced, and who turned 80 in November, is honored with a revival of the second movement of his 1974 Porcelain Dialogues, set to a Tchaikovsky Quartet. […]

  • Millennium Moves

    The first section of Murray Louis’s new dance, Millennium Loop, looks like a tribute to his late partner, Alwin Nikolais. Dancers sheathed in translucent unitards manipulate modular segments of a metallic fence before a polka-dotted scrim. They lunge and strut like twitching automatons, a hive of throbbing workers in a futuristic assembly line. Scott Killian’s […]