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  • GMO OMG: Who Controls the World’s Food Supply?

    As battles over the world’s food supply intensify, some tough questions become ever more pressing: Who controls it? Are shortages being created and manipulated, and to what end? Exactly what is in what we are eating? Writer-director Jeremy Seifert addresses those concerns and more in GMO OMG, a documentary that is by turns exasperating, illuminating, […]

  • The Monsanto Menace

    When you’re good at something, you want to leverage that. Monsanto’s specialty is killing stuff. In the early years, the St. Louis biotech giant helped pioneer such leading chemicals as DDT, PCBs, and Agent Orange. Unfortunately, these breakthroughs had a tendency to kill stuff. And the torrent of lawsuits that comes from random killing put […]

  • For At Any Price Director Ramin Bahrani, Bigger Films Demand Bigger Targets

    Responding to the uproar earlier this month over the passage—and President Obama’s signage—of the so-called “Monsanto Protection Act,” the gene-bending agri-giant Monsanto issued a press release dismissing any attendant conspiracy theories as “worthy of a B-grade movie script.” They got it half right. Immediate in its politics yet Shakespearean in its echoes, At Any Price, […]

  • Dying to Eat in Food Inc.

    Anyone who has read The Omnivore’s Dilemma or Fast Food Nation will experience a strong sense of déjà vu as the film Food, Inc. unfolds. That’s because many of the case studies used in this dark look at how the country’s food is produced came from those books. Authors Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser appear […]

  • ‘The Future of Food’

    The Future of Food, Deborah Koons Garcia’s learned and persuasive essay about the perils of genetically modified (GM) foods, is a rarity—a muckraking exposé that attempts to raise the level of public debate through responsible research and sober rhetoric. Garcia is no less a passionate left-wing partisan than her counterparts, but in chronicling a slew […]

  • Body of Evidence: An Anti-Corporate Doc’s Catalog of Outrage

    Sergei Eisenstein dreamed of producing a Joycean epic based on Marx’s Das Kapital. Albeit more prosaic, The Corporation, written by Joel Bakan and directed by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott, fulfills part of that project—even if, as in some orthodox traditions, its analysis never utters its presiding deity’s awesome name. A leisurely, never boring, grimly […]

  • Spoon-Feeding Poison

    The Bush administration is now moving to endorse the testing of noxious and lethal chemicals on human beings. Since this spring, despite rife opposition from the medical community, the Environmental Protection Agency has quietly begun lifting a 1998 ban on accepting such research. Once the prohibition is gone, which will likely happen next year, chemical […]

  • The Flack Catchers

    Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber’s Trust Us, We’re Experts! How Industry Manipulates Science and Gambles With Your Future delivers both delight and dismay to the hypochondriacs and conspiracy theorists among us. “Ha!” we can crow. “We were right!” The Fortune 500 do employ a vast underground army of twisted manipulators and elite mercenaries to win […]

  • Nation

    Abortion Back in the Bushes RU-Ready? Even before Clinton could get out of town Saturday, the Bush team was signaling changes to Clinton administration policies, including reconsideration of approval for RU-486. “It’s a new drug, it’s contentious and controversial and the safety of it, as I understand it, is in question,” said HHS Secretary Tommy […]

  • Gangsta Rule

    Beneath the struggles that define today’s global hot spots lies the age old struggle for riches. In Russia as well as in East Timor, that means oil. In poverty-ridden Kosovo, the Serbs have attempted to maintain control of metal mining. In most cases, the ruling forces are not nationalists or ethnic factions but robber barons, […]