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  • Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman in Sontag: Reborn

    Few people who read Susan Sontag’s work—essays, fiction, nonfiction, plays—feel lukewarm about it. The polarizing cultural critic’s proclivity for using her vast breadth of knowledge to make bold, grand assertions (sometimes bypassing explanation) dares the reader to be either with her or against her. Either way, it’s unlikely most would find her acumen easy to […]

  • Avant-Garde January! It’s Koltes, the TEAM, Toshiki Okada, and, er, Ira Glass

    It’s easy for Americans to feel intimidated when faced with the might of the European experimental tradition. Many continental companies enjoy generous state subsidies; our artists scrabble for private funding and juggle day jobs. European theater artists have challenged the centrality of plot, character, language; we fiddled with genre. They continue to question the limits […]


    No need to travel the world to see the best international performers. The Public Theater’s Under the Radar festival returns for its eighth year to stage new groundbreaking work from Poland, Argentina, Ireland, Japan, Turkey, Germany, Italy, and England. Of course, New York is also well represented, starting with tonight’s performances of Sontag: Reborn, Moe […]