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  • M.J. Cole+Sinkane+DJ Spoko+Slava+Van Rivers

    He honed his skills as a sound engineer on drum and bass records, but it’s a more sensual, even more feminine music that MJ Cole is known for: At the turn of the century, he became a two-step and UK garage icon thanks to burbling, slinky tracks including “Sincere” and “Crazy Love.” Grime and the […]

  • ‘Dark Disco Presents MJ Cole, Ikonika & Actress’

    MJ Cole has spent the past decade bringing a classicist’s sense of drama to the giddy sounds of 2step and UK garage. Ikonika is a rising dubstep artist who just released her first album, Contact, Love, Want, Have, on Kode 9’s Hyperdub, and might be considered his distant heir—though her innovative synth work is pushing […]

  • Listings

    Back when there were only a handful of U.S. jungle jocks, who were lucky to get small change to play side rooms, DB and Paul Morris bravely opened Breakbeat Science, the nation’s first all-jungle record store. Five years later, the shop’s profile has grown by leaps and bounds-their expanded selection (now including 2step and other […]

  • 2Step’s Ticket to Paradise

    A year ago, someone I work with at the record store played me what was then the latest dance song to take over the U.K. charts: “Sweet Like Chocolate” by a mysterious entity known as Shanks & Bigfoot. “Sweeter Than Chocolate” would’ve been more appropriate, as the song had more glucose in it than just […]