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  • The True Shape of Curves

    If you want to get in shape and you’re short of time, visit a Curves gym. You enter the clean, cozy branch at 375 9th Street in Brooklyn to greetings from the employees and the women exercising. Upbeat house music and chatter fill the narrow, ground-floor space along with an alluring recorded voice that, every […]

  • Her Crowning Glory

    “Tea,” says ritualist Donna Henes, “is on the queen,” grandly gesturing toward a plate heaped with cookies at the tour launch for her self-published book The Queen of My Self: Stepping Into Sovereignty at Midlife, released just before Christmas. We’re standing around Bluestockings, the Allen Street bookstore, on a recent frigid evening, amid anti-imperialist lit […]

  • Getting To Abs

    Radical career shifts come naturally to chef and personal trainer Bryan Arce. His Mexican-born father started out as a race car driver, became an accountant, and then went to medical school, emerging as a gynecologist. His mom taught English, raised two sons, and became a lawyer. Not surprisingly, his folks have been been very supportive […]

  • Grace Under Pressure

    Your fingers automatically reach for your temples when a headache comes on; your hands move down to your belly after a big meal. This instinct to hold or press places on the body that hurt or don’t feel right is the foundation of shiatsu, a Japanese bodywork that translates as “finger pressure” and is also […]

  • Body Building

    The blocky, six-story structure at the southwest corner of Broadway and 11th Street has a name—the St. Denis—and two addresses, 80 East 11th Street and 799 Broadway. Completed in 1853, it was a grand hotel when the area around Grace Church was a fancy shopping district. Designed by James Renwick Jr., the St. Denis gave […]

  • The City as Spa

    Political commentator Joyce Purnick recently sneered in The New York Times at reports that visiting journalists covering the Republican National Convention would be treated to subsidized spa treatments and other indulgences in the city that never sleeps. Her scorn is understandable. It’s not visitors who most need downtime and pampering. It’s the rest of us, […]

  • Hangover Helpers

    Hangovers have plagued us since at least biblical times, but a spate of new remedies available at city drugstores promises to banish them for good. One, called Chaser for Wine Headaches, claims to squelch the pain associated with an exuberant evening of wine drinking; others, like RU-21, purport to prevent the all-around ennui that results […]

  • Drugless Ecstasy

    “We’re calling in the North, South, East, and West. We’re calling in energy for the ancient shaman to awaken within us all,” declares Parashakti, an Israeli shaman, as the aroma of smoldering sage drifts through Manhattan’s Be Yoga studio where she’s leading her biweekly “Earthdance” workshop on a chilly Saturday. “Hey-ye, hey-ye, hey-ye, hey-yo, hey-ye, […]

  • Escapes From New York

    Silencing the mind is sometimes impossible in the midst of metropolitan life. Our brains are like labyrinths: winding circles of anxiety, insecurity, and fear. Often we mull over tomorrow’s to-dos before we’ve even finished today’s. Seeking a cure for a clogged mind, I explored four yoga retreat centers—all less than five hours from Manhattan. The […]

  • The Energy and the Ecstasy

    Universal Yoga “Free your mind,” said Funkadelic’s George Clinton, “and your ass will follow.” But anthropologist Felicitas D. Goodman and German visual artist Nana Nauwald prefer it the other way around. Their Ecstatic Trance: New Ritual Body Postures (Havelte, Holland; Binkey Kok Publications, 178 pp., $16.95, redwheelweiser.com), recently reissued in English, argues that ecstasy, a […]