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  • Madison Avenue, Moscow

    With the Russians at the Summit GENEVA — The Russians called their Mission in Geneva “Madison Avenue, Moscow” and won­dered aloud if an American Express card in Raisa Gorbachev’s hand would change the world. The 150 men and women who made up the delegation were the Westernized elite of Moscow’s cultural and scientific communities. They […]

  • Summits Past: When the Evil Empire Out-Charmed the Great Communicator

    In November 1985, Ronald Reagan met Mikhail Gorbachev in Switzerland for a summit at which the two leaders hoped, among other things, to reduce the nuclear arsenals of both the United States and the Soviet Union. Voice correspondent A. Craig Copetas reported that Gorby “came to Geneva to field test the weaponry of public relations instead of the […]

  • Countdown to Zero Uses Fear and Optimism in Discussing The Bomb

    The title of Lucy Walker’s pro-nuclear-disarmament tract Countdown to Zero has two meanings: a paranoiac’s ticking off down the last moments until the bomb goes off, and an exhortation to work for the cause until zero missiles and weapons remain. Synthesizing fear and optimism like that requires Walker to be incredibly ambitious in scope, and […]

  • Lithuania and the Collapse of the USSR Records Last Gasp For Mother Russia, Father Brokaw

    After five decades of filming himself, his family, and assorted luminaries of pop and underground culture, the original home-movie mix master (and this paper’s first film critic), Jonas Mekas, ventures no further than his living room for his latest time-memory opus. At 286 minutes, Lithuania and the Collapse of the USSR is a vacuum-tube epic […]

  • Film

    In this patently unfunny romantic comedy-cum- Marxist screed, it’s goodbye Lenin, hello free enterprise for two capitalist fools. Bob (Michael Waite), a divorced SoCal car-spray salesman dreams of opening BabyFood, a restaurant chain where all items are dyed pink or blue. On a fluke, he meets Verushka (Yelena Danova), a Russian libertine and budding entrepreneur […]