Tag: Mike Renzi

  • Joyce Breach

    Who’s the best singer in Manhattan this very minute? Only a few are in contention, and this warbler is way up there. Her trick is that she employs no tricks. With a colorful shawl wrapped around her shoulders in a style Mable Mercer established, she straightforwardly sings the Great American Songbook standards to which she’s […]

  • Joyce Breach

    If they were running a competition for best female singer in Manhattan, she’d be a front-runner. Playing behind her are Warren Vaché on cornet, Neal Miner on bass, and Mike Renzi on piano. If someone can explain how it gets any better than that, it would be helpful if he or she stepped forward and […]

  • Jack Jones

    From his generation of crooners, there aren’t too many around to show how it was done then and why it’s still potent now. No longer is he the guy remembered for pushing a sexist point of view in tunes such as “Wives and Lovers.” Nowadays, he maintains his cool by thumbing through the Great American […]