Tag: Midwood (Brooklyn)

  • Gourmet Sweets and Restaurant Spreads Its Treats to Queens

    There’s nothing like eating with people who have been fasting to put you in a celebratory mood. After the sun went down each day of Ramadan, customers started streaming into Gourmet Sweets and Restaurant, a new South Asian place in Jackson Heights, eager to break their 13-hour fasts with the iftar meal. The eatery’s huge […]

  • Got Goat

    The restaurant stands primly on its Midwood corner, the words Rocher D’Horeb (“Rock of Horeb”) emblazoned across the facade. The name refers to Exodus 17:5-7, in which Moses smites a boulder in the Desert of Sin and a spring of water gushes forth. Nowadays, we call it a water main break. Given the no-nonsense exterior, […]

  • Close-Up on Borough Park

    Portions of this article have been updated. A rash of anti-Semitic vandalism has turned eyes on Borough Park, the Brooklyn enclave that functions as the headquarters of Hasidic Jewish life in the Western Hemisphere. Never a neighborhood to cower, however, the area remains better known for stalwart piety and endless designer discounts than for any […]

  • Close-Up on Midwood

    They call it Midwood, but, weekday mornings, it might as well be midtown. On Avenue J, cars inch along, maneuvering past legions of double-parkers. If you drive in on a Sunday, bring quarters for the parking meters: Orthodox Jewish residents are the majority in Midwood, so city parking regulations mandate that meters also rest on […]

  • Studio in Pre-War Building

    Location Midwood (Brooklyn) Rent $752.26 (rent stabilized) Square feet 450 Occupants Robert Rambadadt (contract attorney, New York City Law Department); Kemerly Rambadadt (graduate student in English, Brooklyn College) What happened? [Robert] I started getting scared. I was going through the paper and I saw “WBF,” wood-burning fireplace. On more than one occasion, we walk in […]

  • Two-Room Apartment in 1930s Co-Op

    Location Midwood (Brooklyn) Rent $650 (sublet) Square feet 400 Occupant John Montagna (bassist, songwriter, producer) I realized there are hundreds of these buildings on Ocean Avenue that go down all the way to the sea with thousands of people I never met. Who are they? What do they do? A woman just left with a […]

  • Two-Bedroom Apartment in a 1965 Co-op

    Location Midwood (Brooklyn) Rent $900 (sublet) Square feet 700 Occupant Elena Rakova (computer project manager, artist) Hello. I live in a really boring neighborhood. Say it isn’t so! You’re right near Adelman’s, with the red water glasses and red bread baskets, where everyone in Midwood goes at 5:30 at night for the meat loaf entrée […]