• Best Weekend Food Events: Oiji’s Honey Butter Chips, Big Apple Barbecue, La Nuit en Rosé

    25-Cent Nuggets The Nugget Spot (230 East 14th Street) Friday, 11:30 a.m. to 2 a.m. What’s better than cheap, delicious finger food on a summer Friday? This afternoon, the Nugget Spot will offer 25-cent nuggets until close. All seven different styles of chicken nuggets on the menu will be available — including Southern Belle, Cap’n Crunk, […]

  • Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in NYC

    New York City has a lot to offer when it comes to Middle Eastern dining — beyond falafel sandwiches and kebabs. Tomorrow, find out where to get the best grilled meats, tender braises, honey-drenched pastries, savory flatbreads, and light, bright mezze that make up the region’s complex cuisine.

  • The Hummus and Pita Co.: Pretty Good Fast-Casual Mediterranean Cuisine Comes to the Flatiron

    Looks like the owners of the recently opened fast-casual Mediterranean spot the Hummus and Pita Co. (585 Avenue of the Americas, 212-510-7405) had the Chipotle concept in mind when figuring out the plan for their new eatery. First you pick your protein (falafel, vegetarian salads, gyro, shawarma, chicken, steak, or taboon chicken or steak, ranging […]

  • Za’atar Brings a Feast of the Middle East to the West Village

    Greenwich Avenue has gotten a crop of new eateries recently. Whitehall, the new Brit-influenced spot from the team behind Highlands, is getting lots of buzz, but if it’s cheap eats you’re after, you’re better off checking out new Middle Eastern spot Za’atar (50 Greenwich Avenue, 212-242-3451). The small shop sells the standard roster of falafel, […]

  • Our Man Sietsema: ‘(Gasp!) Balsamic Vinegar’

    Our Man has brought us another gastronomic history lesson this week, and a review of First Oasis, a restaurant that “reflects [the Middle Eastern] culinary diaspora is First Oasis on Fourth Avenue, which offers a slightly different (and maybe more assimilated) take on Syrian food than the excellent, more traditional Damascus Gate.” At First Oasis, […]

  • Falafels, Like Bugs, Free Next Friday

    For those of you who are even more at-ease with sketchy food handling practices than we are, Tasty Falafel, where we got the sandwich pictured above, will be holding a falafel eating contest at 6PM next Friday, and will also be giving away falafels between 4-9PM. Tasty Falafel 32 Saint Marks Place (212) 254-1001

  • Our Man Sietsema: ‘Hey, Walima, Why No Lamb?’

    We’re pretty sure Sietsema doesn’t fast during Ramadan, but nevertheless, he did partake in the breaking of the fast at a new Moroccan restaurant in Astoria, which is, we imagine, the best part. Ramadan is over now, but he’s still recommending Walima (if not enthusiastically), a relative gem in a city where Moroccan food has […]

  • Thanksgiving Reviews are In

    Let’s put Thanksgiving behind us with a little advice for next year. In case you have vowed never to cook again, here are some picks and warnings about eating out on Turkey Day. Aureole gets good marks, while Chinatown’s Amazing 66 is a cheaper option, but the most intriguing has to be from Chowhounder Dave […]