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  • Dysrhythmia+Many Arms+Mick Barr/Marc Edwards

    Prepare yourself: an utterly brain frying lineup of the sickest savages culled from the instru-metal/jazz otherworld has been miraculously assembled for an evening of total mayhem. Bloodbaths will commence as ax-wielding Klassikilling general Mick Barr faces off against fire jazz-punk drums basher Marc Edwards and when dizzying metallic-math destroyers Many Arms skronk your face off […]

  • Brooklyn’s Deveykus Combine Doom Metal With Jazz, Traditional Jewish Music, and Chutzpah

    The same June evening avant-gardist junkies flocked to Roulette to pay tribute to free jazz radical Milford Graves at Vision Fest, Greenpoint metal venue Saint Vitus played host to another kind of improvisation. Symphonic six-string slayer Mick Barr aptly curated a lineup gushing musical violence. The highlight of Barr’s ear-bleeding festivities was, arguably, the piece […]

  • I Don’t Hear Nothing But The Blues Trio

    Drummer Mike Pride and saxophonist Jon Irabagon have been messing with extended improv forms for the past few years, the tension and tumult of their expressionistic forays becoming blustery ragas. For last year’s Appalachian Haze, they added Orthrelm guitarist Mick Barr, who brings hints of drone to the mix. To steal line from Roland Kirk, […]

  • Colin Marston’s Black Math

    Nearly every conversation about Queens multi-instrumentalist Colin Marston starts with a statement about how busy he is. This claim is inescapable, especially this year, as Marston has rubbed his mitts on three noteworthy experimental metal albums: Krallice’s Years Past Matter (self-released), Dysrhythmia’s Test of Submission (Profound Lore), and Behold . . . the Arctopus’s Horrorscension […]

  • Barr Shea Dahl

    After touring Europe with Talibam! and Mostly Other People Do the Killing, Kevin Shea, the Voice‘s choice for Best Drummer of 2012, returns to revel in the glory of both those accolades and the just-released Barr Shea Dahl, 40 minutes of improvisational warfare that locks his brains-frying percussive thrust in fisticuffs with Child Abuse’s bass […]

  • Seabrook Power Plant

    Tech-metallic squelching converges with Black Flag’s instrumental punk-jazz rave ups and avant-Americana folkwaysian riffage in the maniacal and revelatory trio Seabrook Power Plant. Like Orthrelm/Krallice guitar godhead Mick Barr and avant-jazz freakazoids Zevious, SPP, led by banjo (yes, banjo) and guitar destroyer Brandon Seabrook, will punch drunkenly finger pick, bass pluck and bash drums until […]

  • Deerhoof

    The Bay Area art-punk crew have been in high-end collaboration mode of late, recording a split seven-inch with Jeff Tweedy (and his sons!) as well as forming a kind of pan-global supergroup with members of Konono No. 1. But Deerhoof’s most recent studio disc, Deerhoof vs. Evil, has only been out since January; it’s still […]

  • Krallice in Full Bloom

    Black metal has an image problem. It’s not just that one of the genre’s most revered figures is a racist, arsonist, and murderer; it’s not just that shitty production and lyrics about hating Jesus are reactionary aesthetic dead ends, not the foundations of a vital art form; and it’s not just that corpse paint and […]

  • Zs

    They’re not quite up to Robert Pollard’s prodigious output, but Brooklyn experimental troupe Zs have released about eight records since 2003. Oddly enough, it was radio maven Howard Stern who put them on the map; he decided that they were a prime example iof whether avant music is full of it or not. Now prepping […]


    Thanks to bands like Alcest, Wolves in the Throne Room, and Brooklyn’s own Litugy, the current wave of blogger-endorsed black metal is shedding its agoraphobic and icy veneer, moving more toward the sensitive, the transcendent, the totally fucking weird. San Francisco’s long-standing ickos Ludicra are set to be leading lights in 2010, thanks to their […]