Tag: Michael McDonald

  • Hair in Central Park

    ”You’re writing about the costumes in Hair?” a friend with a long memory snorts. “Aren’t they all naked?” I have just returned from the first preview of Hair in Central Park, and I can report that no, not all of them are unclothed, at least not most of time. But sure, some of the cast […]

  • Dominique Leone’s Self-Titled Debut

    Despite the name, Dominique Leone is very much a guy. He’s bearded, thinning on top, and kinda looks like the actor who plays Michael McDonald in the Yacht Rock mockumentaries. The resemblance is appropriate: If he didn’t dump extreme feedback and other disruptions into his bustling arrangements, this smooth-crooning San Franciscan could be kicking out […]

  • Michael McDonald: Mystery White Boy

    Michael McDonald was the Akon of the ’80s. Ubiquitous, inescapable. The consummate guest star, backing vocalist, and duet partner, trading lines with everyone from James Ingram to Patti LaBelle to Kenny Loggins to his own sister. Like top-shelf vodka, his bubbly, mush-mouthed yodel (wherein murdered consonants ascend to heaven and are awarded 72 virgin vowels) […]