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  • Two Critics (One Veteran, One Youth) Assess This Is Our Youth

    It doesn’t take long for director Anna Shapiro’s luminous revival of This Is Our Youth to transport you back to a certain moment of suspension in your life — between thinking you’re an adult and becoming one, between lusting for the world and fearing it will devour you on your first foray. A huge part […]

  • Richard Ayoade’s The Double Makes Alienation Fun

    Surely, at some point, they thought of casting Michael Cera. Richard Ayoade’s often marvelous The Double, an existential jest set in a bureaucratic dystopia so familiar and lightly comic it may as well be Kafka Fantasy Camp, stars Jesse Eisenberg, the Oscar nominee and future Lex Luthor, as a beleaguered schlemiel whose life is upended […]

  • Michael Cera is Growing Up

    Michael Cera is growing up. It may be hard to picture, as at one point it seemed as if baby-faced Cera could forever play the awkward teenage boy next door. But in the past few months, other than a recent return to his Arrested Development roots, Cera has left behind his youthful comedies of yore, […]

  • In Crystal Fairy, Michael Cera Delivers a Great, Dickish Performance

    With an offhand precision that suggests he might prove one of his generation’s major actors, Michael Cera lays bare two specific human weaknesses in writer-director Sebastián Silva’s altered-states/group-dynamics road drama Crystal Fairy—weaknesses you’ll likely recognize from life rather than from other movies. The first is the pushy, wheedling neediness of the people who crave drugs […]


    One of two films Chilean director Sebastian Silva premiered at Sundance Film Festival this year, Crystal Fairy follows Jamie (Michael Cera) on a journey to find and drink the hallucinogenic juices of the San Pedro cactus. The adventure leads him to Crystal Fairy (Gaby Hoffman), a free-spirited hippie type that uptight Jamie quickly regrets inviting […]

  • A Pie Song from Michael Cera and Reggie Watts

    Want to see Michael Cera and Reggie Watts sing a little song about pies and friendship? Yes? Well, here you go. It’s a clip from a new IFC show COMEDY BANG! BANG!, which premieres June 8. IFC via Food Republic

  • Michael Cera’s Precious Little Life Gets Soul in Scott Pilgrim

    Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is every bit as faithful to its source material (Bryan Lee O’Malley’s six-volume series about a 22-year-old go-nowhere man-boy fending off his new girlfriend’s seven evil exes) as Zack Snyder’s Watchmen was to his (Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’s brooding comic-hero deconstruction). Both treat the comic-book panels as […]


    Charlyne Yi, the adorable geek of the Sundance-winning film Paper Heart, which also stars that other adorable geek Michael Cera, is returning to the stage to do stand-up. Before taking her new show A Little Time With Charlyne Yi to the Edinburgh Festival, she’s going to try it out for the toughest crowd around—New Yorkers. […]

  • Youth in Revolt, with Michael Cera as Every Role Michael Cera’s Ever Had

    For years, Hollywood has wrestled with adapting C.D. Payne’s 1993 novel Youth in Revolt—which, actually, was three novels collected under one title, and so the possibilities were endless given 500 pages of material to mine. In 1996, Fox filmed a pilot starring Chris Masterson as Nick Twisp, the 14-year-old “I’m Single, Let’s Mingle” T-shirt–sporting, foreign-film-watching, […]

  • Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi All Kinds of Adorable in Paper Heart

    A documentary except when it’s a mockumentary, this is all kinds of adorable and heartbreaking—the doc part, at least, in which Charlyne Yi (Martin Starr’s girlfriend in Knocked Up) sets out to cross the country and find the meaning of True Love because she’s pretty damned sure she’ll never experience it herself. Sad, right? Except […]