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  • How to Watch and Think about Alejandro Jodorowsky

    Is it time, or will there ever be a time, to reevaluate Alejandro Jodorowsky? The appearance of his new film, The Dance of Reality, along with the doc Jodorowsky’s Dune, is spurring a rash of Jodo appreciations and reconsiderations (including, in all places, the Miami Beach Cinematheque, where I’m hosting a Jodo talk in June), […]

  • Jerry Lewis Retro at Anthology

    Jerry Lewis: Clown prince of arrested development or the most cerebral Hollywood funny man since Buster Keaton? Either you find Jer’s manic outbursts funny, or you don’t (and if you don’t, Anthology’s nine-film retro is not for you), but there’s no disputing his ambition. Lewis’s first three directorial efforts, each pegged to a specific milieu […]

  • ‘Reno 911!: Miami’

    Norbit has nothing on Niecy Nash, who proudly parades her prosthetic ass along Miami Beach, lowering oceanside property values with each thunderous step. The joke here is that the snooty pastel metropolis needs to be taken down a few rungs by Nash and her law-enforcement crew from the Comedy Central show Reno 911 (basically a […]

  • Poacher’s Paradise

    The hardest part of achieving culinary brilliance is knowing when to stop, I realized while gazing happily at my poached chicken. Normally, I would run in the opposite direction of anything called poached chicken—poaching renders the flesh tasteless and the skin pale and gummy. As if to answer these quibbles, the symmetrically arranged slices of […]

  • The Mourning Show

    It started as just another C-SPAN call-in show bright and early on October 27. Then moderator Peter Slen punched up a call from south Florida. Here’s an edited transcript: Slen: Good morning, Miami Beach. Caller: Good morning! Thank you for C-SPAN. I watch it every day! Uh, I would like to say I had the […]

  • Ukrainian Struggle

    Location East Village Price $1 million in 1997 Square feet 8,000 (1860 five-story building) Occupants Donna Binder and Deborah Gavito (co-owners, Counter vegetarian restaurant); Rafaella (two years old) Let’s sit for a minute in your beautifully designed new restaurant that’s around the corner from your house. The bamboo floor and elliptical ceiling decor make me […]

  • Water Sports

    Cross Bay Boulevard is surely one of New York’s most spectacular thoroughfares, sweeping over hummocks and open stretches of egret-dotted Jamaica Bay, past the precariously leaning shacks of Broad Channel, finally making solid ground in . . . Miami Beach? Well, that’s what Howard Beach looks like. In its midst, the giant neon sign of […]

  • NY Mirror

    Jeffrey Grübb (fashion designer) and Quohnos Mitchell (publicist) Income $124,000 (combined for 1999) Health Insurance covered by employer Rent $1230/mo. Utilities $150/mo. Phone $400/mo. Food $1500/mo. Transportation $320/mo. It is a riveting discussion. Will they buy one fluffy, perfect, white Ralph Lauren towel, or will it be the thinner, more noble 10 towels for the […]

  • Madonna Pal’s Problems Persist

    Sunday’s Catholic mass at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn has a new member of the flock—indicted Miami club owner and suspected mobster Chris Paciello. Paciello hasn’t discovered God behind bars like so many prisoners before him, says a source inside the jail, but uses the holy ceremony as cover to hold meetings with fellow […]

  • Thug Life

    With her exotic looks, privileged pedigree, and stable of famous ”galpals” like Madonna and k.d. lang, Ingrid Casares is the most recognizable face behind a controversial effort to open a large club on a Flatiron district street already overrun with bars and nightspots. And while area residents, politicians, and Community Board 5 are convinced that […]